Contains many common utils that we tend to use in our java projects
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Common utils was created/born as a project in January 2012 when Marius and Vegard found out that we way too often wrote the same code over and over again in many different projects. To be a bit more efficient we started to create a small library that had all this functionality built in. This has proven to be a great idea, and we're using this library many places right now.

New to version 2 will be the removal of all refering jars. We will provide all access (where possible) ourselves. This is to minimalize the possibility of jar-collide when this jar is beeing used in a e.g project.


If you like it, why not just fork the ever on-going "project", and submit your own additions?

Enjoy it, we do!

##So what utilities does this include?

We have functionality for the following elements in this project:

  • Database connection tools
  • File handling
  • FTP
  • Simple image handling
  • Encryption

We will try to update this README as we progress. You can also visit our old google code page (note: this is a dead project-page, please do not check out the code from that location. Thanks).

##Majors to be done

We are working with TDD for this project at the moment, but it is far from finalized. Updates will arrive every now and then!




  • EncryptionUtils
  • SSHUtils
  • PropUtils
  • StringUtils
  • IOUtils -- COMING SOON!


  • FileUtils
  • ImageUtils
  • FTPUtils
  • Removing all of the commons-utils delivered by the Apache Commons-project. This is due to unwanted dependencies in the pom.xml for projects where this is already included (jar/java-version-mismatches)

New additions:

  • FileUtils


This was the Initial Release

Release contained:

  • FileUtils
  • FTPUtils
  • URL/HTTPUtils
  • ImageUtils