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vegan: an R package for community ecologists

Ordination methods, diversity analysis and other functions for community and vegetation ecologists.

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Website for the development version of the vegan package.


To install the development version of vegan you can use the usual git and R CMD build -> R CMD INSTALL dance on the cloned repo (or downloaded sources). You'll need to be able to install packages from source for that to work; if you don't have the relevant developer tools, you won't be able to install vegan this way.

Using remotes

If you do have the developer tools installed but don't want the hassle of keeping a local source code tree up-to-date, use the remotes package:


Installing binaries from R Universe

If you just want to install a binary version of the packages, just as you would from CRAN, you can install from our R Universe repository. Run the following in your R session:

# Enable repository from vegandevs
options(repos = c(
  vegandevs = '',
  CRAN = ''))
# Download and install vegan in R

To make this permanent, you'll need to include the options() part of that in your person R settings file, typically a .Rprofile profile in your home drive. See ?Startup.