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A New Scout Handbook

Not at all related to the "official" Cub, Boy or Girl Scouts. Merely inspired by my childhood experience in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. A wilderness and urban survival manual for kids and adults alike without the hangups of the Cub/Boy/Girl Scouts.


  • Decentralization

    No over arching organization needs to exist. A network is more resilient than a hierarchy.

  • No Gods

    Belief in a deity doesn't affect one's ability to start a fire or build a shelter.

  • No Masters

    No leaders. No ranks. Peer to peer learning and experience.

  • No Country

    No flags. No pledges. No allegiance to nations or states. State lines do not matter.

  • No Military Subtext

    No salutes. No uniforms. This is not the training program for the armed forces.

  • Gender Neutrality

    Boys and girls and everywhere in between.

  • Skills First

    The ability to survive is the primary objective. Things like flying kites and building race cars are a distant secondary (or probably tertiary, maybe quaternary) objective.


The ultimate goal is a printed book that we can carry with us to help us learn survival skills in different situations.

Intermediate goals include developing a collection of skill-shares covering the core survival needs: shelter, water, food, first aid. Then expanding those to cover various contexts (e.g., cold climate vs warm climate). Then adding a kind of standard library of expansion pack skill-shares that can be tied together or read independently (e.g., orienteering, cartography, fire making, clothes/shoe making, knot tying, tree climbing, boating, etc).

Immediate goals are a two fold: a list of skills and field testing said skills.


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

That means you can do anything with the contents of this book and project (including using parts of it, modifying and redistributing some or all of it, even selling it) as long as you attribute this project as the source of the content and that you, in turn, share what your changes or publications as well.

Learn more about Creative Commons at