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Vega Wallet

vegawallet is the command line interface for running a Wallet service, implemented in Go. It is used to sign transactions for use on Vega. Vega Wallet creates and manages HD wallets with ed25519 key pairs.


Getting started with the CLI app for Vega Wallet

Learn how to install and run the stable version of the Vega Wallet CLI app.

Vega documentation

Learn more about how Vega works, and explore sample scripts for API trading

Before continuing...

I am not familiar with Vega Wallet...

If you want to know more about Vega Wallet, how it works and how to use it, refer to the page "Using Vega Wallet".

I don't know how to set up a Vega Wallet...

If you want to know more about how to create and use a Vega Wallet with the CLI app, refer to the page "Create a Vega Wallet".

If you'd prefer to use a visual interface to interact with a Vega Wallet, you can use the Vega Wallet desktop app. Refer to the desktop app documentation.

I want to use the latest stable version...

If you want to use a stable version, refer to "Create a Vega Wallet".

Should I use the documentation in this repository?

If you are looking for the documentation for the stable version of Vega Wallet, refer to the documentation website. Do not refer to the documentation in this repository.

The documentation living in this repository contains information about unreleased and unstable features, and it is meant for people running a version of Vega Wallet that is built from source code.

A word about versions

A release does not necessarily mean it is stable. If a version is suffixed with -pre (ex: v0.9.0-pre1), this is not stable.

If you are not sure which version you are currently running, use the following command to find out:

vegawallet version

All releases can be seen on the Releases page.


To install Vega Wallet, you can download a released binary, or install it using the Golang toolchain.

Download binaries

From the Releases page, download the ZIP file matching your platform and open it.

Platform Associated ZIP file
Windows (ARM64)
MacOS (ARM64)
Linux (ARM64)

Installing from repository

You can install a released version using Golang toolchain:

go install

Replace VERSION with the release version of your choice.

For version v0.9.0, it would be:

go install

Building from source

To build the Vega Wallet from the source code, use the following

cd vegawallet && go build

Using the command-line

See a list of commands available using:

vegawallet --help

Using the API

Using the API is documented here.



Raise issues and see what others have raised.


Ask us for help, find out about scheduled open sessions, and keep up with Vega generally.

About Vega

Vega is a protocol for creating and trading derivatives on a fully decentralised network. The network, secured with proof-of-stake, will facilitate fully automated, end-to-end margin trading and execution of complex financial products. Anyone will be able to build decentralised markets using the protocol.