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A 3D pixel engine/game

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Original tiles were taken from:

Original sprites were taken from:

...but since these are copyrighted, they have as of September 13, 2008 been
replaced with the "Scribe" sprites, found here:

These are also copyrighted, but we have permission to use and distribute
them by the Creative Commons license.

Requires the OpenGL, GLU, GLUT, and PNG libraries. On Ubuntu, you can install
the dependencies by running the following command:

  $ sudo apt-get install mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut-dev libpng-dev

To compile, run `make'. To play, run `./scribe'.

Press F12 to save a screenshot to the png directory.

If you want to make a "screencast" (a movie), you can add -DCONFIG_CAPTURE to
CFLAGS and recompile the program. This will save 1 new PNG file for each
frame that is displayed on the screen. These can later be combined into for
example an Ogg Theora movie using this command:

    $ png2theora -o screencast.ogv png/%04d.png
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