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Vegard IT GmbH

IT consultancy for app development (Java, node.js, mobile), APM (Dynatrace), private/public cloud operation and deployment automation (AWS, Docker Kubernetes)


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    Self-containing POSIX shell scripts to await the availability of resources and services.

    Shell 10 2

  2. bash-funk is a collection of useful commands for Bash 3.2 or higher.

    Shell 31 7

  3. Windows batch file to perform unattended installations of a portable Cygwin environment.

    Batchfile 149 36

  4. A haxelib for basic platform-agnostic concurrency support

    Haxe 63 13

  5. A haxelib inspired by Python's doctest command that generates unit tests based on assertions specified within the source code.

    Haxe 22 2

  6. Opinionated docker image based on Debian 10 "buster" to run an OpenLDAP 2.4 server.

    Shell 2 1


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