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#lang scheme/base
(require "util.scm")
(provide js-script-invoke
(define (js-script-invoke . js-strs)
`(script ((language "javascript"))
,(string-join js-strs "\n")))
(define (js-array scheme-lst)
(string-append "[" (string-join scheme-lst ", ") "]"))
(define (js-quote thing)
(cond ((number? thing) (number->string thing))
((or (string? thing) (symbol? thing)) (format "'~A'" thing))
((eq? thing #t) "true")
((eq? thing #f) "false")
(else (e "Don't know how to js-quote ~A." thing))))
(define (js-call-on-load fn-name #:quote-all (quote-all #f) . args)
(format "$(document).ready(function() { ~A })"
(apply js-call fn-name #:quote-all quote-all args)))
;; js-call
;; #:quote-all if #t, then assume all arguments are primitive JS values and js-quote them
(define (js-call fn-name #:quote-all (quote-all #f) . args)
(let ((args (if quote-all (map js-quote args) args)))
(string-append fn-name "(" (string-join args ", ") ")")))
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