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#lang scheme/base
(require net/url
(planet untyped/dispatch:2:=1/dispatch)
(provide define-page
;; define-page
;; e.g., (define-page (foo-page req)
;; #:css '("/css/main.css")
;; #:js '("/js/foo.js" "/js/bar.js")
;; "Hello, World!")
(define-syntax define-page
(syntax-rules ()
((_ (page-name args ...)
keywords-and-body ...)
(define-controller (page-name args ...)
(page keywords-and-body ...)))))
(define-syntax define-session-page
(syntax-rules ()
((_ (page-name req-iden sesh-iden args ...)
keywords-and-body ...)
(define-controller (page-name req-iden args ...)
(sessioned-response req-iden (sesh-iden)
(page keywords-and-body ...))))))
;; page
;; * if #:blank is non-#f, then all other keyword args are ignored and a blank page is
;; returned containing the given bodies.
;; * if #:design is given (and #:blank is not), then all other keywords are ignored.
;; the value passed for #:design should be the result of a (design ...) invocation.
;; Really, it's just a "page" call, abstracted out so it can be reused on potentially
;; many different pages.
;; * #:raw-header is a list of strings which are inserted directly at the beginning of the
;; <head /> area of the page.
;; * #:doc-type should be #f or a str. If str, it is automatically "rawed".
;; * #:redirect-to should be #f or a URI str. If str, the body is evaluated but not
;; returned (since you are asking to redirect).
;; * #:page -- Use in define-(session-)page calls when you have generated the page
;; with a call to the page function. i.e., it gives you some abstraction
;; powers.
(define (page #:doc-type (doc-type #f)
#:raw-header (raw-header '())
#:css (css '())
#:js (js '())
#:atom-feed-page (atom-feed-page #f)
#:rss-feed-page (rss-feed-page #f)
#:title (title "a LeftParen web app")
#:body-attrs (body-attrs '())
#:body-wrap (body-wrap (lambda (body) body))
#:blank (blank #f)
#:design (a-design #f)
#:redirect-to (redirect-to #f)
#:page (page #f)
. body)
(or page
(let ((returned-body
(if (empty? body)
(if (not redirect-to)
(e "Unless you are doing a #:redirect-to, a body is required.")
(body-wrap (last body)))))
(cond (redirect-to (response-promise-to-redirect redirect-to))
((response/full? returned-body) returned-body)
((response-promise? returned-body) returned-body)
(blank returned-body) ; the type of response is default (text/html)
(a-design (a-design returned-body))
(else (let ((main `(html (head ,@(map css-inc css)
,@(splice-if atom-feed-page
(page-url atom-feed-page)))
,@(splice-if rss-feed-page
(page-url rss-feed-page)))
,@(map js-inc js)
,@(map raw-str raw-header)
(title ,title))
(body ,body-attrs ,returned-body))))
(if doc-type
`(group ,(raw-str doc-type) ,main)
;; design
;; for abstracting out page designs (e.g., headers, body wrappers, etc)
;; MMM I don't particularly like this (semi) duplication of "page"'s keyword args
(define (design #:raw-header (raw-header '())
#:css (css '())
#:js (js '())
#:title (title "a LeftParen web app")
#:atom-feed-page (atom-feed-page #f)
#:rss-feed-page (rss-feed-page #f)
#:doc-type (doc-type #f) ; automatically "rawed" for you
#:body-attrs (body-attrs '())
#:body-wrap (body-wrap (lambda (body) body)))
(lambda (body) (page #:doc-type doc-type
#:raw-header raw-header
#:css css
#:atom-feed-page atom-feed-page
#:rss-feed-page rss-feed-page
#:js js
#:title title
#:body-attrs body-attrs
#:body-wrap body-wrap
;; ** (the multi-xexpr function)
;; for providing more than one xexpr. e.g,
;; (** "Hello, world!"
;; (let ((x 10))
;; `(em ,(format "~A + ~A = 20!" x x)))
;; `(strong "the end"))
;; =>
;; Hello World
;; <em>10 + 10 = 20!</em>
;; <strong>the end</strong>
(define (** . bodies)
`(group ,@bodies))
(define (js-inc script-filename)
`(script ((src ,script-filename) (type "text/javascript")) ""))
(define (css-inc css-filename)
`(link ((rel "stylesheet") (type "text/css") (href ,css-filename))))
(define (atom-inc feed-url)
`(link ((rel "alternate") (type "application/atom+xml") (href ,feed-url))))
(define (rss-inc feed-url #:title (title "RSS feed"))
`(link ((href ,feed-url) (rel "alternate") (type "application/rss+xml")
(title ,title))))
;; filename should be relative to htdocs directory
;; XXX I'm not sure this will actually work (does the # trigger a new file refresh?)
;; XXX INDEED IT DOES NOT. We'll have to change the actual filename and then
;; use a symlink.
(define (versioned-file-reference filename)
(string-append filename "#" (number->string (setting *APP_VERSION*))))
(define (redirect-to-page page-name . args)
(redirect-to (apply controller-url page-name args)))
(define (page-url page #:absolute (absolute #f) . page-args)
(let ((rel-url (apply controller-url page page-args)))
(if absolute
(url->string (combine-url/relative (string->url (setting *WEB_APP_URL*))
(define page? controller?)
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