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@@ -4,13 +4,10 @@
(define required-core-version "")
-(define version "0.5")
+(define version "0.51")
(define release-notes
- '((p "This version now uses the built-in serve/servlet functionality, and is no longer dependent on the deprecated Instaservlet package. Other changes include")
- (ul (li "Requires PLT Scheme which is an unreleased version (see the docs for info on getting this version).")
- (li "Pages in app.scm now are triggered " (em "before") " static files in htdocs.")
- (li "Generated project files are now simplified. This means that there are minor upgrade steps needed to get your older LeftParen projects running on the new system. I suggest creating a quick hello-world LeftParen (see the tutorial) and looking at the generated files to see how to adjust your existing project. Feel free to email support at with questions."))))
+ '((p "In this version, all PLaneT requires reference an explict minor mode. This should avoid updating PLaneT package issues. See the previous release (0.5) for more info.")))
(define primary-file "leftparen.scm")

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