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OMeta/JS is a JavaScript implementation of OMeta, an object-oriented language for pattern matching.

This repository is a fork. I restructured the code to make compilation easier. There are also NPM package and a command line utility.

To study Ometa/JS and ask questions about the core is better to contact the original repository and its author, Alessandro Warth.


Command line

Compiles Ometa/JS file to CommonJS module that exports objects grammars.

> ometajs2js --help
Usage: ometajs2js [options]

    -i, --input : pecifies filename to read the input source, if omit use STDIN
    -o, --output : specifies filename to write the output, if omit use STDOUT
    -h, --help : Output help information

CommonJS module

require('ometajs') provides all grammars in Ometa/JS core.


Some projects are using this:

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