Plugin to export images (PNG, SVG, ...) of diagrams made by GEF based editors
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Eclipse GEF Image Export Plugin

This Eclipse plugin adds a entry in the Export Wizard (File → Export → General) to export images from GEF based editor diagrams.


The imageexport.svg plugin depends on the the Batik library, it is installed automatically (since version 0.1.3), if required.

An update site is provided to the install the imageexport plugin. Follow these steps for easy installation:

  • Open Instal New Software dialog (Help → Install New Software...)
  • Add a new update site
  • Select the newly created location
  • Select at least Eclipse GEF ImageExport Plugin and eventually other plugin to get additional image formats
  • Finish the installation by clicking Next a couple of times (and accepting the license)

Using the plugin

To export a GEF diagram:

  • Make sure that a GEF based editor is active
  • Open File → Export → General → ImageExport
  • Choose a filetype from the available image types (note: depending on the installed ImageExport plugins more type might be available)
  • Choose a location to save the image
  • Click Finish
The exported image will (exactly) fit the contents of the editor, scaled at 100%. If larger images are required it is adviced to export as SVG (using the ImageExport.SVG plugin) and scale in another program to the desired scale. And eventually reexport to a bitmap if required.

Developer information

To add new formats

The ImageExport.SVG should be easy enough to understand how this is done. To see how to reuse the exporting class for multiple formats, the: ImageExport plugin itself is a nice example as one class is used for both PNG and JPEG images.

If you have added a new image format or improved one of the existing plugins, let me know and I am happy to add the improvements to this repository.


The ImageExport plugins are licensed under GPL v3. See LICENSE file for more information.