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  • Improve boost overview (now shows how much sp need to get invested to make a place boostable and safe)
  • Renamed 'rewards' to 'incidents'
  • Prevent errors about undefined objects (#22)


  • Include advanced tactics in calculated attack and defense bonus
  • Show tooltips for resources in plunder screen in local (server) language (#12)
  • Use localized names for the units (#12)
  • Use localized names for the buildings (#12)
  • Show unit images instead of unit names
  • Make (previous) battle information closable


  • The Crow's Nest cannot be plundered
  • Show if battle was 'automatic'
  • Sort GvG units for clarity
  • Show images of goods in plunder tab (#13 thanks djmichaelsaler)
  • last_spend is not available, so resort to other means of tracking activity of other players (#10)
  • More building and unit IDs


  • Add GvG tab (showing sector army details)
  • Fix GB calculation when self (still unsafe) is followed by owner
  • Fix (auto) battle info for newest version of FoE
  • Show images of buildings in plunder tab (thanks for contribution)
  • More building and unit IDs


  • Fix battle info for newest version of FoE
  • More building and unit IDs


  • Fix GB calculation when self is followed by owner


  • Show shorthand boost information
  • Keep actual investments into account when calculating 'Boost information' (#3)
  • Hide GB information for self==owner
  • Various other/minor GB information improvements
  • Check for new version
  • Update GB and Boost information when spending SP
  • Only update Arc bonus when updating owned Arc
  • Fix some issues for new users


  • Rewards screen - Order on goods in stock when value is the same (#2)
  • Show defense/attack in percentage (#5)
  • Fix defense boost value (get from enemy unit, instead of first unit)
  • More unit and building IDs


  • First public beta
  • Support spring cherry trees
  • More building IDs


  • Fix rewards (got broken in 0.0.6)
  • Minor other fixes


  • Show protected players/Cities
  • Show boost information
  • More unit and building IDs


  • Plunder tab was not showing revenues anymore, due to change in game
  • Fix updating attacking units for ‘auto battle’
  • More unit and building IDs


  • Chrome version available
  • Settings tab for each played world
  • Show data size
  • Clean/Delete/Import/Export data
  • Include goods, money and supplies when searching for best SP plunder
  • Don’t show GB spots which require 0 SP
  • More rewards and building information

0.0.3 Rewards Improvements

  • Multi-world rewards
  • Rewards show expiration time
  • Rewards sorting is fixed
  • Show player name in GB changes
  • More unit and building information