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Demo node server using hapi and joi
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#Hapi Hapi Joi Joi

This is code for a simple web server using the node based Hapi server, and Joi, a validation library. This project and it's code is for a blog post that is located at

Note: the examples use ES6. The project was created on Node v6.2.2

##Install & Run These commands will pull down the required libraries, and then run the node server defined in index.js.

npm install
node index.js


  • localhost:9000 => 'Hello World!'
  • localhost:9000/hello?name=Jim => 'Hello Jim!'
  • localhost:9000/hello/Bob => 'Hello Bob!'
  • localhost:9000/validate?name=Jim => 'Hello Jim'
  • localhost:9000/validate?name=bobsyouruncle => 400


  • localhost:9000/documentation
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