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A audioscrobbler for MPD in perl
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pmpds is a simple audioscrobbler for the Music Player Daemon. The script supports the 2.0 protocol and keeps a journal of all the tracks that could not be submitted to

pmpds uses IO::Socket to connect to MPD and WWW::Curl to submit the tracks to The script comes with scrobble and now-playing support. Additionally, the script supports MPD's idle command.


  • MPD >= 0.14


  • threads
  • threads::shared
  • Thread::Queue (core module)
  • IO::Socket (core module)
  • Encode (core module)
  • Digest::MD5 (core module)
  • Getopt::Long (core module)
  • POSIX (core module)
  • WWW::Curl::Easy (CPAN)
  • URI::Escape (CPAN)


  • core modules come with perl. The remaining modules have to be installed through CPAN or your local package manager (pacman, yum, apt, etc.).
  • threads and threads::shared are available in perl starting from 5.8
  • When updating from pmpds 0.5.3, you need to rename pmpds.conf to config and pmpds.cache to journal.


Fetch the files with git: git clone git://


You can either install the script yourself or use the makefile.

Use the makefile (easier): sudo make install

I recommend to set up user-specific configuration by copying /etc/pmpds/pmpds.conf to $HOME/.pmpds/config.

To uninstall, run sudo make uninstall.

Install the script yourself if you do not trust make:

  • copy pmpds into a directory listed in your $PATH; e.g /usr/local/bin/
  • copy pmpds.1 to your $MANPATH; e.g /usr/local/share/man/man1/
  • copy pmpds.conf_example to $HOME/.pmpds/config and edit the default configuration. You can also create a system-wide configuration file in /etc/pmpds/pmpds.conf.


I created and submitted a package to the Arch User Repository. Download it and run makepkg -si.


When autosubmit is on, pmpds might complain about a missing journal file. As the file is not created until a track is added to the journal, you can safely ignore this warning or simply create an empty journal file with $ touch $HOME/.pmpds/journal.

The script uses a dedicated Thread::Queue that submits queued tracks to Therefore, timeouts or other errors won't stop the script from recognizing new tracks (previously, pmpds had to wait for to return).


In order to access your account, pmpds needs your credentials. Add these to the configuration file in $HOME/.pmpds/.

Future plans

  • Add a daemon option


Please report any bugs or issues on the github page.


pmpds is released under GNU GPL v3.0. You can find more information in LICENSE.