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A graphics generator for Horror Cards

This Python 3 application, horror_cards, is an implementation of CBG and Ovid for drawing the graphics needed to play a table-top (analog) role-playing game named Horror Cards.

The application is provided free of charge to enable players of the game to print copies and make modifications in accordance with the Creative Commons license of the game.


Though it generates graphics, the program contained in this repository does not have a graphical user interface.

To use it, first install a Python 3 interpreter, CBG and Ovid, and their 3rd-party dependencies. If that's Greek, find a geek.

Then, on your command line, move to the directory of this code repository and call, either as an executable or through your interpreter, to generate a basic form of the graphics package inside a local directory named svg. Apply the -h flag for informaton about options such as paper size, duplex formatting and intermediate PDF output.


This repository is just for code. The reverse side of each card refers to raster artwork files, which are not included. Download them from here into a subdirectory of svg, named raster_inclusion.


The information presented by the graphics generated with this application are part of Horror Cards, the game. That game is licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0.

The application as such is instead licensed as detailed in the accompanying file COPYING.txt.