Sample tradebot for market making on Veil
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🤖 Sample Veil Tradebot

A sample tradebot for market making on Veil.

⚠️ Disclaimer: This tradebot is for demonstration purposes only. We do not recommend running it in production without changing the trade logic. These strategies are intentionally naive for educational purposes.

Getting Started

Download the code and then run:

yarn install
yarn build

Download Yarn if you do not already have it.

Then add a file called .env to the root of the directory with these entries:

MNEMONIC="apple glue ..."
API_URL="" // or

The mnemonic and address you specify should be the Ethereum wallet mnemonic and address affiliated with your Veil account. You will need a Veil account to run this code. Sign up for an account now.

Background reading

These scripts make heavy use of Veil's API and Veil.js, Veil's Typescript library. We also recommend reading our Guide to Augur Economics, which includes details about pricing and payouts of binary and scalar markets.

Run simple scalar tradebot

node dist/index.js simple-scalar <market slug> --spread 0.05 --amount 1

You can find a market's slug from Veil's API or by looking at a market's URL. Example: rep-usd-2019-02-02-5x.

The simple-scalar command has two options:

  • -s, --spread <spread> Specify the desired spread between 0 and 1. The default is 0.06 (or 6%).
  • -a, --amount <amount> Specify the desired order amount of shares. The default is 0.5.

The simple-scalar tradebot looks up the current spot price from the market's data feed and makes orders at the specified spread around that price. Review the simple-scalar code.

Run simple binary tradebot

node dist/index.js simple-binary <market slug> --spread 0.1 --amount 2

The simple-binary command has the same two options as sample-scalar. See above.

The simple-binary tradebot makes orders at the specified spread around a hard-coded price. Review the simple-binary code.

Run many market makers at once

node dist/index.js bulk --spread 0.06 --amount 0.5

The bulk command pulls all open markets from Veil's API and attempts to market make in them all based on their type (i.e. yesno or scalar). Review the code.