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# This Python file uses the following encoding: utf-8
brunobot v5
__author__ = 'Andreas Halle, Vegard Veiset'
__email__ = ''
__license__ = 'GPL'
import re
import socket
import string
import threading
import time
import regex
from module.core.output import out
class Connection():
Represents a connection on an IRC network.
def __init__(self, nick, ident, name, server, port, channels, ipaddr=None):
Construct a connection ready to connect to an IRC server.
Keyword arguments:
nick -- the bot's nickname
ident -- the bot's ident
name -- the bot's real name
server -- irc server to connect to
port -- irc server port
channels -- a list of channels to join on connect
ipaddr -- ipaddress to bind a host against (vhost)
self.nick = nick
self.ident = ident = name
self.server = server
self.port = port
self.channels = channels
self.ipaddr = ipaddr
self.irc = None
# Incomming message buffer
self.ircbuffer = []
self.connected = False
def quit(self,message=None):
self.connected = False
self.irc.send(u'QUIT \n')
out.warning('Could not communicate with IRC socket')
out.warning('Could not close the IRC socket. (Might already be closed)')
def connect(self):
self.irc = socket.socket()
# Trying to bind vhost
if self.ipaddr:
self.irc.bind((self.ipaddr, self.port))"bound IP-address: %s " % self.ipaddr)
out.warn("could not bind IP-address: %s " % self.ipaddr)
self.irc.connect((self.server, self.port))
self.irc.send(u'NICK %s\n' % (self.nick))
self.irc.send(u'USER %s %s bla :%s\n' % (self.ident, self.server,
for channel in self.channels:
self.irc.send(u'JOIN #%s\n' % channel)"Connected to %s" % self.server)
self.connected = True
stayawake = self.StayAwake(self)
class StayAwake(threading.Thread):
Make sure that the bot stays alive by answering to PINGs
as well as parsing messages sent by the IRC server.
def __init__(self, parent):
Construct a thread to run in the background to keep the bot alive.
Keyword arguments:
parent -- an instantiated Connection object
self.parent = parent
self.ircbuffer = parent.ircbuffer
def run(self):
run() -> None
Run a loop forever in the background and
replies to PING requests from the IRC server.
buffr = ''
while self.parent.connected:
buffr += self.parent.irc.recv(1024)
temp = string.split(buffr, '\n')
buffr = temp.pop()
for line in temp:
line = string.rstrip(line)
pingmatch = re.match('^PING :(.*)$', line)
# Answer to PINGs from the IRC server.
if pingmatch != None:
self.parent.irc.send('PONG %s\r\n' % \
self.ircbuffer.append(line)"Connection connection.StayAwake().run(self) terminated.")