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En boks med skiftende appetitvækkere, tiltænkt forsiden. Opretter en ny indholdstype og en visning, der kan indsættes i paneler. Oprindelig lavet for Helsingør Bibliotek af Reload, og siden pakket som et feature-modul af Vejle Bibliotekerne.
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Ding! Tabroll

ding_tabroll is a module for displaying content in a carousel - typically used on frontpages of the site.

Ding! Tabroll carousel

Editors can manage the content of each queue at /admin/content/nodequeue. There is a queue, Frontpage tabroll, for the frontpage carousel.

A tabroll-carousel will not repeat its cycle unless at least 5 itemsa have been added to the queue.

The imagecache preset used by tabroll 460_240_crop includes the action to make the image greyscale. This can be modified - it is greyscale because of the use of images on vejlebibs Ding!

Every rolltab can reference a library on the Ding!-site. This is entirely optional, and the only thing provided by this is the name of the library printed out as a CSS class on the image and info elements. We use this on vejlebibs Ding! to show the tabs with colored overlays.

Ding! Library Tabroll

The submodule ding_library_tabroll adds support for per-library carousels. The nodequeue, Library tabroll, contains subqueues for each library. Content added to these nodequeues are shown on the librarys frontpage. If no nodes are added to a nodequeue the carousel is not shown.

Note that a rolltab is not automatically added to a librarys nodequeue if it references the library.


The latest version of Ding! Tabroll uses nodequeues for managing tabroll carousels.

When updating the module administators must clear caches and run update.php or use drush cc all and drush updb.

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