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FM4 - Stream Downloader


This repository contains everything what you need to (automatically) download the .mp3 files of your favorite streams from the Austrian radio station FM4! (+ optional upload to your Dropbox)


The Austrian radio station FM4 has great "genre shows" (like "House of Pain") in the evening but unfortunately they are only available for seven days and only via web player or smartphone app. Sometimes I forget to listen to the latest show or I am at places where I have no access to internet and I urgently want to listen to my favorite radio show.

That's why I was looking into a way to download the mp3s of the shows to solve all my problems. There were already some people out there who developed programs for downloading the streams. I used the python script from Chris to retrieve the stream mp3 url from the FM4 API and added some lines to also enable a complete download if the show consists out of multiple mp3 files (here is my version).

I added a bash script to automatically download the mp3s of a specific stream and upload it to my Dropbox. I set up a cron job on my Pi so I won't miss any show anymore 🎉


Clone this repository:

git clone
cd FM4_dl/scripts

Retrieve MP3 URLs

Now you can already get the stream mp3 urls:

python -s **insert show tag**

For example:

python -s "4HOPWed"

>>> ['', '']

Install the Dropbox Uploader (optional)

Go FM4_dl folder and use the script to install the Dropbox-Uploader

cd - #to go back to the FM4_dl folder)
sudo chmod +x install.
sudo bash

For more information about the Dropbox-Uploader visit its repository.

Automatically download MP3s

Make the script executable and adjust it to your needs:

cd scripts
sudo nano

If you skipped the Dropbox-Uploader step remove/comment the respective lines in the file.

Insert your favorites show tag in the script. You can find out your shows tag by looking at the FM4 API or in the list in the file

Then just run it!


Setting up a cron job on a Raspberry Pi

I let the script run as a cron job (weekly)


sudo nano /etc/crontab -e

and insert:

25 21   * * 4   pi      /home/pi/scripts/FM4_dl/script/

It is important that you let the script run as the same user as when you installed the Dropbox-Uploader because otherwise the uploader won't work!

That's it!

Thank you for visiting this repository! If you should find any bugs or have problems getting the script to run don't hesitate to contact me!


Downloader for FM4 radio shows (Raspberry Pi)





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