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Actions are basic functions to communicate with other players.

Command and Syntax Description Usage
>ask [context] Ask someone something. >ask @Miki Can I have mekos?, >ask for mekos
>cake [something/someone] Miki gives you cake or you give cake to someone/something. >cake, >cake chair, >cake @Fuzen
>cuddle [something/someone] Miki cuddles with you or you cuddle with someone/something >cuddle, >cuddle teddy bear, or >cuddle @Veld
>glare [something/someone] Miki glares at you or you glare at someone/something >glare, >glare at your friend, or >glare @Veld
>highfive [something/someone] Miki highfives you or you highfive someone/something >highfive, >highfive bro, or >highfive @Veld
>hug [something/someone] Miki hugs you or you hug someone/something >hug, >hug dad, or >hug @Veld
>kiss [something/someone] Miki kisses you or you kiss someone/something >kiss, >kiss someone, or >kiss @Veld
>pat [something/someone] or >pet [something/someone] Miki pats you or you pat someone/something >pat, >pat doge, or >pat @Veld
>poke [something/someone] Miki pokes you or you poke someone/something >poke, >poke your friend, or >poke @Veld
>punch [something/someone] Miki punches you or you punch someone/something >punch, >punch doge, or >punch @Veld because he's a masochist
>slap [something/someone] Miki slaps you or you slap someone/something >slap, >slap Charizard, or >slap @Veld