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This guide is out of date, move to for more up to date information!

Fun is a module for small, playful commands.

Command and syntax Description Usage
>8ball [text] Stimulates an 8ball and gives an answer >8ball will I pass this test?
>bird Gives a random image of a bird >bird
>cage Cage command returns a random picture of Nicholas Cage. >cage
>cat Gives a random image of a cat >cat
>compliment Miki will compliment you >compliment
>dog Gives a random picture of a dog. >dog
>gif <tags> Searches for a gif on Imgur >gif slap
>greentext Gives a random greentext image >greentext
>img <tags> Searches for an image on Imgur >img Florestina
>lunch Woof! Woof! What's for lunch? >lunch
>pick <choice 1>, <choice 2>, [choice 3], ... Miki picks one of the choices randomly >pick IA, Gumi, Miki
>pun Gives a random pun >pun
>reminder <action> in <time> Reminds you to do something in a certain amount of time. >reminder Do homework in 2 hours and 30 seconds
>reminder -list Displays all your reminders and their codes >reminder -list
>reminder -clear <reminder code> Removes a reminder based on code. >reminder -clear 993
>roll Returns a random number between 1 and 100) >roll
>roll [number] Returns a random number between 1 and that number >roll 60
>roll r[number]d[sides] Rolls number of dice of x number of sides >roll r2d3
>roll [spicy stuff] Do math roll r2d3+2 (returns 2 3-sided dice + 2 added to the final sum)
>roulette Picks a random user from member list >roulette
>safe <tags> Returns a 'safe for work' image based on your tags. To exclude some tags, write -<tag> >safe kancolle or >safe -loli
>ship <user/mention> Ship yourself and show your compatibility rate with another user. >ship, >ship @Veld, >ship 102405515060994048