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Role Management

Configure roles that are self-assignable, be paid with mekos, and etc. on your server.


>iamlist [page number] - Displays list of assignable roles.
>iam <role> - Assigns yourself the role from >iamlist if you meet the requirements.
>iamnot <role> - Removes a role from >iamlist that you have.

Explanation of >configrole

>configrole <role name> <arguments>
-automatic:(true/false) - Sets whether the role is given when the person levels up.
-optable:(true/false) - Sets whether the role will be displayed in >iamlist
-level-required:(number) - Sets level requirement to obtain or assign role in >iamlist
-role-required:(role name) - Sets what other role is required to obtain the role
-price:(amount) - Sets amount of mekos needed to buy the role in. (Nobody gets the mekos)
>configrole "Nerd" -level-required:5 -automatic:true
>configrole "Rich" -optable:true -price:1000000