A .NET library for the Plaid API (https://www.plaid.com/docs)
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A .NET library for interacting with Plaid.


The current library includes only a simple client wrapper which defines all of the various Plaid contract classes and an HttpClient interface for calling most of the currently exposed APIs. This means that nearly all of the functionality is available but for things such as MFA, the user will need to manually process the response and repeatedly call the auth API.

PlaidClient client = new PlaidClient("<client id>", "<client secret>");

// Get all the available institutions.
List<Institution> institutions = await client.GetInstitutionsAsync();

// Adding a user 
Institution institution = institutions.First();
PlaidResponse authResponse = await client.AddAuthAsync("<user name>", "<password>", institution.Type);

// Pull out the access token and get all the transactions
string accessToken = authResponse.AccessToken;
PlaidResponse getTransactionsResponse = await client.GetTransactionsAsync(accessToken);