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Testing CSS transitionend #128

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Adrian Stainforth Travis Jeffery
Adrian Stainforth
djforth commented

I'm trying to check if function on the end of a CSS transition:

$("#test").on "transitionend MSTransitionEnd webkitTransitionEnd oTransitionEnd", (e)->
      console.log "trans End"

and tracking it in the Jasmine test like so:

describe "Checks when animation finished", ->
      beforeEach ->
        loadFixtures "carousel"
        @trans = spyOnEvent('#test', 'transitionend MSTransitionEnd webkitTransitionEnd oTransitionEnd');

     it "Should check when transition ended", ->

I've added styles into a spec.css, the code fires in the actual html, but I can't get it to fire in the test. I'm not sure runs or if I am missing a good way to test it?

Travis Jeffery

@djforth is this still an issue?

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