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Chrome XMLHttpRequest cannot load #4

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When trying to use loadFixtures() to load a local html file, Chrome (v7.0.517.41) returns this error:
Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Is there a browser setting that I can tweak to get around this error? Firefox and IE both work fine.


I tested it under Chrome and loadFixtures worked - although it was tested on a lower version than 7.0. I'll check if it is the issue with a Chrome version upgrade or configuration settings.


"By default, file:// URIs cannot read other file:// URIs. This is an override for developers who need the old behavior for testing."



So it seems it solves the problem...?
Big thanks for the info!


Might be worth putting this in the documentation, I just got burned by it. It'd be great if there were an alternative way to work around this that didn't involve passing command-line switches to Chrome, but I can't think of one off the top of my head.


I placed a fixture html(qiu.html) under the path "spec/javascripts/fixtures"
and I used a loadFixture('qiu.html');

but I got a faild to load resource: Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin:

what is wrong with my jasmine-jquery? Anyone can help me?


(It should be loadFixtures('qiu.html').) if you're using Chrome follow this:, or if you're using a Mac could use Safari too.


Could the same issue happen with Internet Explorer?

My tests run fine in Firefox, yet in IE11 (v11.0.9600.17728, to be precise) I get the same number of failed tests as in Chrome, while tests that don't attempt to load fixtures work fine.

Here's the error:

Error: Fixture could not be loaded: [filename].html (status: error, message: Access is denied.
at Anonymous function (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:133:11)
at l (file:///D:/[path]/JQuery/jquery-2.0.0.min.js:4:24576)
at c.add (file:///D:/[path]/JQuery/jquery-2.0.0.min.js:4:24894)
at jasmine.Fixtures.prototype.loadFixtureIntoCache_ (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:124:9)
at jasmine.Fixtures.prototype.getFixtureHtml_ (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:115:7)
at (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:77:7)
at jasmine.Fixtures.prototype.load (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:65:5)
at jasmine.Fixtures.prototype.proxyCallTo_ (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:161:5)
at window.loadFixtures (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/Utils/jasmine-jquery.js:782:5)
at Anonymous function (file:///D:/[path]/JS.Tests/PPM/[my_tests_file].js:44:17)

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