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Open Source Candies

The Free-for-Open-Source Services List

Formerly started at YCombinator YCombinator

Pull Requests welcome!

[<img src="%favicon_url%" alt="%service_name%" height="16" /> %service_name%](%service_url%) - %description% - %rules%
In alphabetical order, please

Version Control

BitBucket BitBucket - free for open source and private repositories

codeberg codeberg - free as in freedom for open source repositories - backed by a nonprofit association

GitHub GitHub - free for open source repositories, free for private repositories

GitLab GitLab - free for open source and private repositories

Project Hosting

NuGet NuGet - free .NET Project Hosting

Python Anywhere Python Anywhere - hosting for Python projects - has limits

SourceForge SourceForge - Git/Mercurial/SVN Project Hosting

DigitalOcean DigitalOcean - free credits for eligible open source projects - request needed

Public Cloud

OpenShift OpenShift - free for open source - request needed

Heroku Heroku - free tier for experimenting, sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity

Vercel Vercel - free tier includes all-in-one Static and JAMstack deployment, Serverless Functions, and Global CDN (formerly ZEIT Now)


GitBook GitBook - free for open source - request needed

Read the Docs Read the Docs - automating building, versioning, and hosting of your docs - free for open source

Atlassian Confluence Atlassian Confluence - free for open source - request needed

Continuous Integration and Code Coverage

AppVeyor AppVeyor - Continuous Integration for .NET and many open source languages on Windows

Azure Pipelines Azure Pipelines - Azure Pipelines offers cloud-hosted pipelines for Linux, macOS, and Windows with unlimited minutes for open source projects.

Atlassian Bamboo Atlassian Bamboo - Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery on your own server - free for open source - request needed

Bitrise Bitrise - Continuous Integration for mobile

CircleCI CircleCI - Continuous Integration and Delivery - 3 extra containers

Codecov Codecov - Continuous Code Coverage

Codeship Codeship - Continuous Integration and Delivery for several languages, also supports Docker

Coveralls Coveralls - Code Coverage History

Deploy Deploy - Continuous Deployment - email request needed

DeployBot DeployBot - continuous deployment for GitHub, BitBucket or your own Git/SVN repository - free for one repository

DeployPlace DeployPlace - Deploy your applications from git or CI in minutes. Complex deployments become simple - free for a lifetime 3 projects 1 user 1 deployment template for reuse unlimited deployment

Gitlab-CI Gitlab-CI - on-premises CI for GitLab - free and open source

Sauce Labs Sauce Labs - CI for GitHub, Google Code, SourceForge with Selenium - free for open source

Scrutinizer Scrutinizer - CI for GitHub and BitBucket - free for open source

Semaphore Semaphore - CI for GitHub and BitBucket - free for open source

Team City Team City - free for open source - strict rules - request needed

Travis CI Travis CI - CI for GitHub - free for open source Knapsackpro - Speed up your tests run 1 hour test suite in 2 minutes with optimal parallelisation on your CI - request needed

Browser Testing

Browser Stack Browser Stack - Live, Web-Based Browser Testing - request needed

TestingBot TestingBot - Browser Testing - request needed


Bugsnag Bugsnag - Multilanguage Crossplatform Error Monitoring - free for open source - email request needed

Datadog Datadog - Real-time performance monitoring for open source projects - free for open source - request needed - Cron monitoring - free for open source - email request needed

Hund Hund - Hosted Status Pages - free for open source - email request needed

Sentry Sentry - 100% Open Source Crash Reporting - forever free for open source - request needed

Code Review

Codacy Codacy - Automated Code Review for Scala, JavaScript, PHP, Python and CSS - free for open source

CodeClimate CodeClimate - Code Review for Ruby, JavaScript, PHP - free for open source

LGTM LGTM - Continuous security analysis and automated code review - free for open source

QuantifiedCode QuantifiedCode - Automated Code Review for Python - free for open source

Landscape Landscape - Code quality inspector for Python

Snyk Snyk - Continuously find & fix vulnerabilities in your dependencies, supports multiple languages - free for open source and low volume private testing

SonarCloud SonarCloud - Code coverage, code smell, and bug/vulnerability detection and tracking


Crowdin Crowdin - free for open source - request needed

Launchpad Launchpad - Localization Platform for open source projects

Localizely Localizely - free for open source - request needed

POEditor POEditor - free for open source - request needed

Transifex Transifex - Localization Platform for Web - Localization for Rails apps - email request needed


Blackfire Blackfire - PHP Profiler by creators of Symfony

SensioLabsInsight SensioLabsInsight - Code Quality Assurance Tool by creators of Symfony - free for open source

YourKit YourKit - Java Profiler

E-mail Sending

Helpmonks Helpmonks - Team email management. Simplified. - free for open source projects and non-profit organizations

MailChimp MailChimp - free for 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers

SendGrid SendGrid - free 100 emails / day


AppCode AppCode - Objective C IDE - free for open source, Outercurve developers - strict rules - request needed

IntelliJ Idea IntelliJ Idea - Java IDE - free for non-Apache developers, Apache developers, Outercurve developers - strict rules - request needed

PhpStorm PhpStorm - PHP IDE - free for open source, Outercurve developers - strict rules - request needed

PyCharm PyCharm - Python IDE - free for open source, Outercurve developers - strict rules - request needed

RubyMine RubyMine - Ruby IDE - free for open source, Outercurve developers - strict rules - request needed

Visual Studio Community Visual Studio Community - free, fully-featured IDE for students, open-source and individual developers

VSCodium VS Codium - binary releases of Visual Studio Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing

WebStorm WebStorm - JavaScript, CSS, HTML IDE - free for open source, Outercurve developers - strict rules - request needed

Project Management

Acunote Acunote - Agile project management tool and scrum software - request needed

Atlassian Jira Atlassian Jira - Project management and issue tracking - free for open source - request needed

HuBoard HuBoard - Project management for GitHub issues - free for public projects - Agile project management platform - free for public projects

Teamwork Teamwork - free for 2 Projects, 10MB Storage

Trello Trello - simple bugtracker - free for all

YouTrack YouTrack - free for open source - strict rules - request needed Zenhub - Team collaboration in GitHub - free for public and open source projects - Civilized discussion forum for your team/customers/fans/patrons - request needed - Feedback page for your projects where your users can share, discuss and upvote feedback - request needed


Zulip Zulip - Group chat webapp and mobile app - Free hosted instance for open source projects & communities

SSL Certificates

Cloudflare Cloudflare - free Shared SSL cert for everyone, unmetered DDoS mitigation and Web Application Firewall

GoDaddy GoDaddy - free for one year for open source projects

Let’s Encrypt Let’s Encrypt - free, automated, and open certificate authority

Digital Asset Management

Razuna Razuna - Worlds most popular open source Digital Asset Management. 30 days free trial

Design & Icons

Canva Canva - free for all plan

Mixkit Mixkit - free video footage & animation - attribution not required

Openclipart Openclipart - Free clipart for all

Unsplash Unsplash - Photos for free for all purpose - no link back required (although appreciated)

Misc. Application Utilities

Algolia Algolia - Hosted Search engine as a service - free for community and open source use, email request needed

Apiary Apiary - Design, prototype, document and test APIs - email request needed

Auth0 Auth0 - Single Sign On & Token Based Authentication - request needed

Cloudflare Cloudflare - Pro Plan upgrade for open source projects, includes CDN, SSL cert, Web Application Firewalls, image and mobile optimizations, and more.

Kong Kong - Developer Portals - email request needed

Mailtrap Mailtrap - Fake SMTP servers - email request needed SDKMAN! - Software Development Kit Manager for JVM developers

Fonts Fontpair - FontPair is a tool that helps you pair free, open source Google Fonts together - Free for all


Free stuff for open source projects




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