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Get your local TYPO3 CMS 8.7.x LTS box


  1. Virtualbox installed (tested with Version > 5.1.22 )

  2. Vagrant is installed (teseted with Version > 1.9.0 )

  3. On Windows it is recomended to download and install NFS Support for Vagrant (Tested with windows 7 and Windows 10) If not you need to change NFS option in vagrant configuration and have to expect a slow experience with NFS the box will run with TYPO3 10 to 20 times faster !


Downlaoad this repostory or clone it with git:

git clone yourbox

-> will create a folder called "yourbox"

use any text editor / to repalce the String "XXXBOXXXX" with the wanted BOX Name. f.e. "yourbox"

Change TYPO3 version from 8.7.6 to the latest LTS Version f.e. 8.7.9

Result will be: a local webserver you can launch yourbox.local including:

  • nginx server
  • php7.1 with all needed extensons for TYPO3
  • mysql server with database "yourbox"
  • TYPO3 CMS downlaoded and ready to install
  • mailhug for e-Mail testing


  • it may not exist a virtualbox called "yourbox.vb"
  • you will need to add one line to your local /etc/host file:

cd yourbox vagrant up

thats all .. !