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The Vellvm II coq development.
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Vellvm is a Coq formalization of the semantics of (a subset of) the LLVM compiler IR that is intended for formal verification of LLVM-based software. It is being developed at the University of Pennsylvania as part of the DeepSpec project.



  • Steve Zdancewic
  • Yannick Zakowski
  • Calvin Beck
  • Olek Gierczak

Past Contributors

  • Vivien Durey
  • Dmitri Garbuzov
  • William Mansky
  • Milo Martin
  • Santosh Nagarakatte
  • Emmett Neyman
  • Christine Rizkallah
  • Robert Zajac
  • Richard Zhang
  • Jianzhou Zhao

Structure of the repository

/src/ci - travis configuration

/src/coq - Coq formalization (see StepSemantics.v)

/src/ml - OCaml glue code for working with ollvm

/src/ml/extracted - OCaml code extracted from the files in /src/coq directory

/src/doc - coqdoq [not useful yet]

/lib - for 3rd party libraries [as git submodules]

/tests - various LLVM source code tests

Installing / Compiling Vellvm


  • coqc : version 8.8.0 (and coqdep, etc.)
  • Coq packages:
    • ext-lib (installed via, e.g. opam install coq-ext-lib)
    • paco (installed via, e.g. opam install coq-paco)
    • flocq (installed via, e.g. opam install coq-flocq, see note below)
    • itree (installed via, e.g. opam install coq-itree)
  • ocamlc : version 4.04 (probably works with 4.03 or later)
    • OPAM packages: dune, menhir, [optional: llvm (for llvm v. 3.8)]


  1. clone the vellvm git repo with --recurse-submodule option (git clone --recurse-submodules)
  2. run make in the /src directory


Do src/vellvm -help from the command line.

Try src/vellvm -interpret tests/ll/factorial.ll.



On some OSX configurations the opam installation for coq-flocq fails with a permissions error # Failed to create server: Operation not permitted caused by opam's sandboxing scripts. The solution is to temporarily disable opam's sandboxing by editing ~/.opam/config to remove the lines having to do with wrap-*-commands:.

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