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Lichess mobile is a cordova application that runs on the crosswalk webview. It is written in TypeScript and JavaScript. The rendering library is mithril.js. It uses babel, browserify and gulp as build tools. It talks to a native Stockfish engine, supporting multiple variants, through a cordova plugin. Multi-variant chess library is brought by a JavaScript version of scalachess.



  • the android SDK
  • SDK packages API 23
  • last version of Android SDK tools and platform tools
  • android ndk for stockfish compilation
  • make sure the sdk/tools/ directory is in your path, so you can use android command everywhere.


  • OS X and Xcode version 8.x

Build the web application

Make sure you installed all deps:

$ npm install

Then copy env.json.example to env.json and modify settings to link your app to a lichess server.

To build and watch for changes:

$ npm run watch

Build stockfish


Build the native code using:

ndk-build -C platforms/android


Through XCode, in the build settings menu:

  • Set C++ Language Dialect option to C++11 value.
  • Set C++ Standard Library option to lib++ value.

Advanced setup

See the wiki.