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lichess mobile screenshots

Lichess mobile is the official application. It is written in TypeScript, with a bit of Kotlin and Swift. It is a web application that access native SDK thanks to Ionic capacitor. The rendering library is mithril.js. It talks to a native Stockfish engine, supporting multiple variants, through a cordova plugin. Multi-variant chess library is brought by a JavaScript version of scalachess.

Required dependencies


  • in addition to capacitor dependencies, android ndk for stockfish compilation (to install with Android Studio).

Initialize build

Make sure you installed all deps:

$ npm install

Capacitor needs the web app before update, so build it:

$ npm run build

Update capacitor:

$ npx cap update

Run in a browser

$ npm run serve

Will serve assets at http://localhost:8080. Once the server is running, browse to http://localhost:8080/www.

Be sure to Toggle Device Mode in your browser, or else you won't be able to click on anything.

Run in a device/emulator

The easiest way to do it is to open the native IDE. Capacitor has a command for that:

$ npx cap open

Advanced setup

See the wiki.

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