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Get Keys

Make sure you have your Velo Sandbox API Key and Secret

Note: whoever sets your sandbox payor account sets up your API credentials and shares them with you in some opsec appropriate manner

Create your 64Bit encoded key with them Tool to do the encoding:


in the top window, be sure to put the : inbetween your key and secret, and that you don’t have any spaces before, after or inbetween

Copy your encoded key 64BITKEY

Tip: save it in the same place you’ve saved your API Key and Secret

Get Postman

Install Postman local client

Register & create a login

Click this link to install the Velo Recipe Collection

  • Click the ‘Run in Postman”


  • Click Open with… “Postman for Mac”

Setup Variables

Set global variables in postman

  • Click the gear icon

Setup Postman Variables

Set global variables in postman

  • Click Globals Button
  • Create new Variables:
    • Velo64BitAuthorization
    • VeloBearerToken
    • VeloPayorID
  • Set Variable Velo64BitAuthorization = "YOUR64BITKEY"

Set payorId

Fetch your bearer token

  • Click ‘FetchBearerToken’
  • Click ‘Send’

Success looks like this

Note: your token is good for 30 mins (1799 secs), and will persist for all API calls in the collection. After 30 minutes click ‘Send’ again.