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Velo Payments Java Examples

This repository contains simple step by step code examples you can use to see how the API used with your API keys.

These examples are intended to show you how to use the Velo Payments Open API for common use cases.

You can view the complete Velo Payments Open API documentation here.

Getting Started

Java Requirements

Java 1.8 or higher is required to run examples. Java 1.8 Update 162 or higher is recommended.

Initial Setup

In order to get started using the Velo APIs you need to be onboarded as a Payor by the Velo team, and issued with your initial API keys (which you’ll use in the example code). Please contact your Velo representative if you haven’t already received your API keys.

API Authentication

Authentication is required for all API calls. The Authentication process is documented in the Velo API Documentation.

You can view an example of Authentication here

Funding Your Velo Account

The first step you wist to complete is funding your account. To complete this to submit a ACH Funding request. This will create a ACH transfer of funds into your Velo Funding account.

Adding Payees

Next you can add Payees to your Velo account using the Create Payees API.

Issuing Payments

Issuing payments is a two phase process. First, you create a Payout using the submit Payout API. Through this API you submit payment instructions for multiple Payees. This API creates a 'Payout' with Velo.

The second step of issuing payments is to call the Instruct Payout API. This action tells Velo to execute the payment instructions.


Initial Setup

  1. Authorization This example shows you how to use your API keys to get an authorization token from the Velo Payments Authorization API.
  2. ACH Funding request Example showing you how to initiate a ACH funding request to your Velo Payments funding account.
  3. Invite Payees API This example shows you how to invite payees to Velo Payments.

Issuing Payouts

  1. Payout Example This example shows how to issue payments to payees. Important See in package root.

Other API Examples

  1. Get List of Payees Example showing you how to get a list of Payees.
  2. Get Payor Details Get details of your payor account with Velo Payments.
  3. Get Source Accounts - to do complete Get Funding Source Accounts listed with Velo Payments.