Chat based SNS implemented using React.js on frontend-side and Node.js on backend-side -
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WHOTALK.US is a Chat based SNS system that simply allows N to 1 chatting. In this project, React.js is used on the front-end side and Node.js is used on backend-side. MongoDB is used for the database. This project is currently in beta, there are still some functions to be implemented.

If you have found any bugs, or want to enhance the system, please feel free to post new issues in Github repository.

Core Technology

Following technologies are used in this project (some are omitted)

  • React.js
  • Redux
  • React-router
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Sockjs
  • Sass
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Passport
  • Semantic-UI
  • React-intl
  • axios
  • lru-cache
  • alertify
  • react-scroll
  • redux-thunk
  • masonry
  • create-react-app

Getting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and runing on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


  • Node.js 6^
  • npm 3^
  • MongoDB 3^


  1. Install global dependencies

    npm install -g babel-cli
    • babel-cli lets you transpile the ES6 codes for the backend server.
  2. Clone the project from the github repository

    git clone
  3. Install local dependencies

    Project for the client and the server separated in two different directories.

    cd whotalk-backend
    npm install
    cd ../whotalk-frontend
    npm install
  4. Rename .envcpy file to .env

    This file is resides in whotalk-backend directory. Rename this file and input the values for the envioronment variables.



For the development environment, you have to run two kind of scripts.

  1. npm run dev from whotalk-backend
  2. npm start from whotalk-frontend

The second script will open the webpack-dev-server which refreshes everytime when the codes of the client have changed. The default port of this server is 3000. When API is requested from the webpack-dev-server, the request will be sent to the backend server through the proxy.

Build and run

To build, run following script from both of the whotalk-frontend and whotalk-backend

npm run build

Then, run following command from the whotalk-backend

npm start

The built files of whotalk-frontend will be served as static files from the backend server.


If you have any questions, leave an email to, OR, talk to me directly at