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Project management for bands
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What is BandMate?

Basically, Wordpress but for bands :D

We hope to create a tool which bands can use to quickly and easily set up a home page to get in touch with their fans, and also incorporate tools that let the band members keep track of their stuff.

For example:

  • An easy interface to gig dates, automatically published as an RSS feed
  • Set list viewer, with the ability to comment/rate each song the band do
  • RehearsalManager - make notes on songs in the set list, upload tabs, mp3s, lyrics, etc.
  • Easy update interface - get the latest version of BandMate quickly and easily
  • Easy installer - give it you MySQL password and let it do the work for you
  • Plugin architecture - we want to allow anyone to quickly and easily write plugins to add new features to BandMate
  • Styles - BandMate is fully skinnable and customisable
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