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VALO is a URL shortener redirect service that also supports proxying files from a S3 storage bucket.

If you are interested in VALO but find the documentation lacking, open an issue!

Set up

Setting up VALO requires experience with Cloudflare workers. VALO is known to work on Backblaze, but will likely work with other S3 compatible storage buckets.

  1. Create a Backblaze B2 bucket (or S3 bucket)
  2. Deploy worker/index.js to Cloudflare
  3. Create the LINKS & ANALYTICS KV namespaces on your Cloudflare worker
  4. Add the ACCESS_KEY_ID, SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, & BUCKET_URL secrets to your Cloudflare worker
  5. Visit the admin panel & connect


Cloudflare Worker

To run using wrangler:

cd worker
wrangler dev


Once you've installed dependencies with npm install, start a development server:

npm run dev