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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* OPAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
open OpamTypes
open Cmdliner
(* Global options *)
type global_options = {
debug : bool;
verbose: bool;
quiet : bool;
switch : string option;
yes : bool;
root : string;
no_base_packages: bool;
let create_global_options debug verbose quiet switch yes root no_base_packages =
{ debug; verbose; quiet; switch; yes; root; no_base_packages }
let set_global_options o =
OpamGlobals.debug := !OpamGlobals.debug || o.debug;
OpamGlobals.verbose := (not o.quiet) && (!OpamGlobals.verbose || o.verbose);
OpamGlobals.switch := o.switch;
OpamGlobals.root_dir := OpamSystem.real_path o.root;
OpamGlobals.no_base_packages := !OpamGlobals.no_base_packages || o.no_base_packages
(* Build options *)
type build_options = {
keep_build_dir: bool;
make : string option;
no_checksums : bool;
let create_build_options keep_build_dir make no_checksums =
{ keep_build_dir; make; no_checksums }
let set_build_options b =
OpamGlobals.keep_build_dir := !OpamGlobals.keep_build_dir || b.keep_build_dir;
OpamGlobals.no_checksums := !OpamGlobals.no_checksums || b.no_checksums;
match b.make with
| None -> ()
| Some s -> OpamGlobals.makecmd := lazy s
(* Help sections common to all commands *)
let global_option_section = "COMMON OPTIONS"
let help_sections = [
`S global_option_section;
`P "These options are common to all commands.";
`P (Printf.sprintf "See %s." OpamGlobals.default_repository_address);
`P "Thomas Gazagnaire <>"; `Noblank;
`P "Frederic Tuong";
`S "BUGS";
`P "Check bug reports at";
(* Converters *)
let pr_str = Format.pp_print_string
let repository_name =
let parse str = `Ok (OpamRepositoryName.of_string str) in
let print ppf name = pr_str ppf (OpamRepositoryName.to_string name) in
parse, print
let repository_address =
let parse str = `Ok (OpamFilename.raw_dir str) in
let print ppf address = pr_str ppf (OpamFilename.Dir.to_string address) in
parse, print
let filename =
let parse str = `Ok (OpamFilename.of_string str) in
let print ppf filename = pr_str ppf (OpamFilename.to_string filename) in
parse, print
let compiler =
let parse str = `Ok (OpamCompiler.of_string str) in
let print ppf comp = pr_str ppf (OpamCompiler.to_string comp) in
parse, print
let package_name =
let parse str = `Ok (OpamPackage.Name.of_string str) in
let print ppf pkg = pr_str ppf (OpamPackage.Name.to_string pkg) in
parse, print
let enum_with_default sl =
let parse, print = Arg.enum sl in
let parse s =
match parse s with
| `Ok _ as x -> x
| _ -> `Ok (`default s) in
parse, print
(* Helpers *)
let mk_flag ?section flags doc =
let doc = ?docs:section ~doc flags in
Arg.(value & flag & doc)
let mk_opt ?section flags value doc conv default =
let doc = ?docs:section ~docv:value ~doc flags in
Arg.(value & opt conv default & doc)
let mk_subdoc ?(names="COMMANDS") commands =
`S names :: (fun (cs,_,d) ->
let bold s = Printf.sprintf "$(b,%s)" s in
let cmds = String.concat ", " ( bold cs) in
`I (cmds, d)
) commands
let mk_subcommands_aux ?(name="COMMAND") my_enum commands default =
let command =
let doc = ~docv:name ~doc:
"Name of the sub-command. See the $(b,%sS) section for more info.%s"
(match default with
| None -> ""
| Some d -> " " ^ d))
[] in
let commands =
(fun acc (cs,f,_) -> (fun c -> c,f) cs @ acc)
[] commands in
Arg.(value & pos 0 (some & my_enum commands) None & doc) in
let params =
let doc = ~doc:"Optional parameters." [] in
Arg.(value & pos_right 0 string [] & doc) in
command, params
let mk_subcommands ?name commands =
mk_subcommands_aux ?name Arg.enum commands None
let mk_subcommands_with_default ?name commands default =
mk_subcommands_aux ?name enum_with_default commands (Some default)
let term_info title ~doc ~man =
let man = man @ help_sections in ~sdocs:global_option_section ~doc ~man title
let arg_list name doc conv =
let doc = ~docv:name ~doc [] in
Arg.(value & pos_all conv [] & doc)
(* Common flags *)
let print_short_flag =
mk_flag ["s";"short"]
"Output the names of packages separated by one whitespace \
instead of using the usual formatting."
let installed_only_flag =
mk_flag ["i";"installed"] "List installed packages only."
let repo_kind_flag =
let kinds = [
(* main kinds *)
"http" , `http;
"local", `local;
"git" , `git;
"darcs" , `darcs;
(* aliases *)
"wget" , `http;
"curl" , `http;
"rsync", `local;
] in
mk_opt ["k";"kind"]
"KIND" "Specify the kind of the repository to be set (the main ones \
are 'http', 'local', 'git' or 'darcs')."
Arg.(some (enum kinds)) None
let pattern_list =
arg_list "PATTERNS" "List of package patterns." Arg.string
let package_list =
arg_list "PACKAGES" "List of package names." package_name
let repository_list =
arg_list "REPOSITORIES" "List of repository names." repository_name
let param_list =
arg_list "PARAMS" "List of parameters." Arg.string
(* Options common to all commands *)
let global_options =
let section = global_option_section in
let debug =
mk_flag ~section ["debug"]
"Print debug message on stdout. \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMDEBUG) to a value greater or equal to 2." in
let verbose =
mk_flag ~section ["v";"verbose"]
"Be more verbose. \
This is equivalent to setting either $(b,\\$OPAMDEBUG) to a value greater or equal to 1 \
or (b,\\$OPAMVERBOSE) to a non-empty string." in
let quiet =
mk_flag ~section ["q";"quiet"] "Be quiet when installing a new compiler." in
let switch =
mk_opt ~section ["s";"switch"]
"SWITCH" "Use $(docv) as the current compiler switch. \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMSWITCH) to $(i,SWITCH)."
Arg.(some string) !OpamGlobals.switch in
let yes =
mk_flag ~section ["y";"yes"]
"Disable interactive mode and answer yes \
to all questions that would otherwise be \
asked to the user. \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMYES) to a non-empty string." in
let root =
mk_opt ~section ["r";"root"]
"ROOT" "Use $(docv) as the current root path. \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMROOT) to $(i,ROOT)."
Arg.string !OpamGlobals.root_dir in
let no_base_packages =
mk_flag ~section ["no-base-packages"]
"Do not install base packages (useful for testing purposes). \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMNOBASEPACKAGES) to a non-empty string." in
Term.(pure create_global_options $debug $verbose $quiet $switch $yes $root $no_base_packages)
(* Options common to all build commands *)
let build_options =
let keep_build_dir =
mk_flag ["b";"keep-build-dir"]
"Keep the build directory. \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMKEEPBUILDIR) to a non-empty string." in
let no_checksums =
mk_flag ["n";"no-checksums"]
"Do not verify the checksum of downloaded archives. \
This is equivalent to setting $(b,\\$OPAMNOCHECKSUMS) to a non-empty string." in
let make =
mk_opt ["m";"makecmd";"make"] "MAKE"
"Use $(docv) as the default 'make' command."
Arg.(some string) None in
Term.(pure create_build_options $keep_build_dir $make $no_checksums)
let guess_repository_kind kind address =
match kind with
| None ->
let address = OpamFilename.Dir.to_string address in
if Sys.file_exists address then
else if OpamMisc.starts_with ~prefix:"git" address
|| OpamMisc.ends_with ~suffix:"git" address then
| Some k -> k
(* INIT *)
let init_doc = "Initialize OPAM state."
let init =
let doc = init_doc in
let man = [
`P "The $(b,init) command creates a fresh client state. This initializes OPAM
configuration in $(i,~/.opam) and configures a default package repository.";
`P "Additional repositories can be added later by using the $(b,opam repository) command.";
`P "The local cache of a repository state can be updated by using $(b,opam update).";
] in
let cores = mk_opt ["j";"cores"] "CORES" "Number of process to use when building packages." 1 in
let compiler =
mk_opt ["c";"comp"] "VERSION" "Which compiler version to use." compiler OpamCompiler.default in
let repo_name =
let doc = ~docv:"NAME" ~doc:"Name of the repository." [] in
Arg.(value & pos ~rev:true 1 repository_name OpamRepositoryName.default & doc) in
let repo_address =
let doc = ~docv:"ADDRESS" ~doc:"Address of the repository." [] in
Arg.(value & pos ~rev:true 0 repository_address OpamRepository.default_address & doc) in
let init global_options repo_kind repo_name repo_address compiler cores =
set_global_options global_options;
let repo_kind = guess_repository_kind repo_kind repo_address in
let repo_priority = 0 in
let repository = { repo_name; repo_kind; repo_address; repo_priority } in
OpamClient.init repository compiler cores in
Term.(pure init $global_options $repo_kind_flag $repo_name $repo_address $compiler $cores),
term_info "init" ~doc ~man
(* LIST *)
let list_doc = "Display the list of available packages."
let list =
let doc = list_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command displays the list of available packages, or the list of
installed packages if the $(b,--installed) switch is used.";
`P "Unless the $(b,--short) switch is used, the output format displays one
package per line, and each line contains the name of the package, the
installed version or -- if the package is not installed, and a short
`P " The full description can be obtained by doing $(b,opam info <package>).
You can search through the package descriptions using the $(b,opam search) command."
] in
let list global_options print_short installed_only packages =
set_global_options global_options;
OpamClient.list ~print_short ~installed_only packages in
Term.(pure list $global_options $print_short_flag $installed_only_flag $pattern_list),
term_info "list" ~doc ~man
(* SEARCH *)
let search =
let doc = "Search into the package list." in
let man = [
`P "This command displays the list of available packages that match one of
the package patterns specified as arguments.";
`P "Unless the $(b,--short) flag is used, the output format is the same as the
$(b,opam list) command. It displays one package per line, and each line
contains the name of the package, the installed version or -- if the package
is not installed, and a short description.";
`P "The full description can be obtained by doing $(b,opam info <package>).";
] in
let case_sensitive =
mk_flag ["c";"case-sensitive"] "Force the search in case sensitive mode." in
let search global_options print_short installed_only case_sensitive packages =
set_global_options global_options;
OpamClient.list ~print_short ~installed_only ~name_only:false ~case_sensitive packages in
Term.(pure search $global_options $print_short_flag $installed_only_flag $case_sensitive $pattern_list),
term_info "search" ~doc ~man
(* INFO *)
let info_doc = "Display information about specific packages."
let info =
let doc = info_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command displays the information block for the selected
`P "The information block consists in the name of the package,
the installed version if this package is installed in the currently
selected compiler, the list of available (installable) versions, and a
complete description.";
`P "$(b,opam list) can be used to display the list of
available packages as well as a short description for each.";
] in
let pkg_info global_options packages =
set_global_options global_options; packages in
Term.(pure pkg_info $global_options $pattern_list),
term_info "info" ~doc ~man
(* CONIG *)
let config_doc = "Display configuration options for packages."
let config =
let doc = config_doc in
let commands = [
["env"] , `env , "returns the environment variables PATH, MANPATH, OCAML_TOPLEVEL_PATH
and CAML_LD_LIBRARY_PATH according to the current selected
compiler. The output of this command is meant to be evaluated by a
shell, for example by doing $(b,eval `opam config env`).";
["var"] , `var , "returns the value associated with the given variable. If the variable
contains a colon such as $(i,pkg:var), then the left element will be
understood as the package in which the variable is defined.
The variable resolution is done as follows: first, OPAM will check whether
$(b,\\$var) exists; for package variables, it will look for $(b,\\$pkg_var).
If the variable is not found, OPAM will then check whether the variable is
implicit. There are two global implicit variables: $(i,ocaml-version) and
$(i,preinstalled) and two implicit variables per package: $(i,pkg:installed)
which is either $(b,\"true\") or $(b,\"false\"), and $(i,pkg:enable) which is
either $(b,\"enable\") or $(b,\"disable\"). Finally, OPAM will look into
its global and package config files to find whether these variables exist.";
["list"] , `list , "returns the list of all variables defined in the listed packages. It is possible
to filter the list of variables by giving package names (use $(b,globals) to get
the list of global variables). No parameter means displaying all the variables.";
["subst"] , `subst , "substitutes variables in the given files. The strings $(i,%{var}%) are
replaced by the value of the variable $(i,var) (see the documentation associated
to $(b,opam config var)).";
["includes"], `includes, "returns include options.";
["bytecomp"], `bytecomp, "returns bytecode compile options.";
["asmcomp"] , `asmcomp , "returns assembly compile options.";
["bytelink"], `bytelink, "returns bytecode linking options.";
["asmlink"] , `asmlink , "returns assembly compile options.";
] in
let man = [
`P "This command uses opam state to output information on how to use
installed libraries, updating the user’s $PATH, and substitute
variables used in opam packages.";
`P "Apart from $(b,opam config env), most of these commands are used
by opam internally, and thus are of limited interest for the casual
] @ mk_subdoc ~names:"DOMAINS" commands in
let command, params = mk_subcommands ~name:"DOMAIN" commands in
let is_rec = mk_flag ["r";"rec"] "Recursive query." in
let csh = mk_flag ["c";"csh"] "Use csh-compatible output mode." in
let env =
mk_opt ["e"] "" "Backward-compatible option, equivalent to $(b,opam config env)." Arg.string "" in
let config global_options command env is_rec csh params =
set_global_options global_options;
let mk ~is_byte ~is_link =
CCompil {
conf_is_rec = is_rec;
conf_is_link = is_link;
conf_is_byte = is_byte;
conf_options = OpamVariable.Section.Full.of_string params;
} in
let cmd =
match command with
| None -> if env="nv" then CEnv csh else OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "Missing subcommand"
| Some `env -> CEnv csh
| Some `list -> CList ( OpamPackage.Name.of_string params)
| Some `var -> CVariable (OpamVariable.Full.of_string (List.hd params))
| Some `subst -> CSubst ( OpamFilename.Base.of_string params)
| Some `includes -> CIncludes (is_rec, OpamPackage.Name.of_string params)
| Some `bytecomp -> mk ~is_byte:true ~is_link:false
| Some `bytelink -> mk ~is_byte:true ~is_link:true
| Some `asmcomp -> mk ~is_byte:false ~is_link:false
| Some `asmlink -> mk ~is_byte:false ~is_link:true in
OpamClient.config cmd in
Term.(pure config $global_options $command $env $is_rec $csh $params),
term_info "config" ~doc ~man
let install_doc = "Install a list of packages."
let install =
let doc = install_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command installs one or more packages to the currently selected
compiler. To install packages for another compiler, you need to switch
compilers using $(b,opam switch). You can remove installed packages with
$(b,opam remove), and list installed packages with $(b,opam list -i).
See $(b,opam pin) as well to understand how to manage package versions.";
`P "This command will make opam use the dependency solver to compute the
transitive closure of dependencies to be installed, and will handle
conflicts as well. If the dependency solver returns more than one
solution, opam will arbitraty select the first one. If dependencies
are to be installed, opam will ask if the installation should really
be performed.";
] in
let install global_options build_options packages =
set_global_options global_options;
set_build_options build_options;
let packages = OpamPackage.Name.Set.of_list packages in
OpamClient.install packages in
Term.(pure install $global_options $build_options $package_list),
term_info "install" ~doc ~man
(* REMOVE *)
let remove_doc = "Remove a list of packages."
let remove =
let doc = remove_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command removes (i.e. uninstall) one or more packages currently
installed in the currently selected compiler. To remove packages
installed in another compiler, you need to switch compilers using
$(b,opam switch) or use the $(b,--switch) flag. This command is the
inverse of $(b,opam-install).";
] in
let remove global_options build_options packages =
set_global_options global_options;
set_build_options build_options;
let packages = OpamPackage.Name.Set.of_list packages in
OpamClient.remove packages in
Term.(pure remove $global_options $build_options $package_list),
term_info "remove" ~doc ~man
let reinstall =
let doc = "Reinstall a list of packages." in
let man = [
`P "This command does removes the given packages, reinstall them and
recompile the right package dependencies."
] in
let reinstall global_options build_options packages =
set_global_options global_options;
set_build_options build_options;
let packages = OpamPackage.Name.Set.of_list packages in
OpamClient.reinstall packages in
Term.(pure reinstall $global_options $build_options $package_list),
term_info "reinstall" ~doc ~man
(* UPDATE *)
let update_doc = "Update the list of available packages."
let update =
let doc = update_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command updates each repository that has been previously set up
by the $(b,opam init) or $(b,opam repository) commands. The list of packages
that can be upgraded will be printed out, and the user can use
$(b,opam upgrade) to upgrade those.";
] in
let update global_options build_options repositories =
set_global_options global_options;
OpamClient.update repositories in
Term.(pure update $global_options $build_options $repository_list),
term_info "update" ~doc ~man
let upgrade_doc = "Upgrade the installed package to latest version."
let upgrade =
let doc = upgrade_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command upgrades the installed packages to their latest available
versions. More precisely, this command calls the dependency solver to
find a consistent state where $(i,most) of the installed packages are
upgraded to their latest versions.";
] in
let upgrade global_options names =
set_global_options global_options;
let packages = OpamPackage.Name.Set.of_list names in
OpamClient.upgrade packages in
Term.(pure upgrade $global_options $package_list),
term_info "upgrade" ~doc ~man
(* UPLOAD *)
let upload =
let doc = "Upload a package to an OPAM repository." in
let man = [
`P "This command uploads an already built package to a remote repository,
if the remote repository is not read-only.";
] in
let opam =
mk_opt ["opam"]
"FILE" "Specify the .opam file that will be uploaded to repo://packages/name.version/opam"
Arg.(some filename) None in
let descr =
mk_opt ["descr"]
"FILE" "Specify the .descr file that will be uploaded to repo://packages/name.version/descr"
Arg.(some filename) None in
let archive =
mk_opt ["archive"]
"FILE" "Specify the archive that will be uploaded to repo://archives/name.version+opam.tar.gz"
Arg.(some filename) None in
let repo =
let doc = ~docv:"REPO" ~doc:"Specify the repository to upload to." [] in
Arg.(required & pos 0 (some repository_name) None & doc) in
let upload global_options opam descr archive repo =
set_global_options global_options;
let upl_opam = match opam with
| None -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "missing OPAM file"
| Some s -> s in
let upl_descr = match descr with
| None -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "missing description file"
| Some s -> s in
let upl_archive = match archive with
| None -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "missing archive file"
| Some s -> s in
OpamClient.upload { upl_opam; upl_descr; upl_archive } repo in
Term.(pure upload $global_options $opam $descr $archive $repo),
term_info "upload" ~doc ~man
let repository_doc = "Manage OPAM repositories."
let repository name =
let doc = repository_doc in
let commands = [
["add"] , `add , "Add the repository $(b,name) available at address
$(b,address) to the list of repositories used by OPAM,
with priority $(b,priority).
The repository priority can be optionally specified with
$(b,--priority), otherwise the new repository has a higher
priority then any other existing repositories.
The kind of the repository can be specified with the
$(b,--kind) option, otherwise it will be determined
["remove";"rm"], `remove , "Remove the repository named $(b,name) from the list of
repositories used by OPAM.";
["list"] , `list , "List all repositories used by OPAM.";
["priority"] , `priority, "Change the priority of repository named $(b,name) to
] in
let man = [
`P "This command is used to manage OPAM repositories. To synchronize OPAM
with the last versions of the packages available in remote
repositories, $(b,opam update) should be used.";
] @ mk_subdoc commands in
let command, params = mk_subcommands commands in
let priority =
mk_opt ["p";"priority"]
"INT" "Set the repository priority (bigger is better)"
Arg.(some int) None in
let repository global_options command kind priority params =
set_global_options global_options;
let add name address =
let name = OpamRepositoryName.of_string name in
let address = OpamRepository.repository_address address in
let kind = guess_repository_kind kind address in
RAdd (name, kind, address, priority) in
let cmd = match command, params with
| None , []
| Some `list , [] -> RList
| Some `priority, [name; p] ->
RPriority (OpamRepositoryName.of_string name, int_of_string p)
| Some `remove , [name] -> RRm (OpamRepositoryName.of_string name)
| Some `add , [name; address] -> add name address
| _ -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "Too many parameters" in
OpamClient.remote cmd in
Term.(pure repository $global_options $command $repo_kind_flag $priority $params),
term_info name ~doc ~man
(* THOMAS: we keep 'opam remote' for backward compatibity *)
let remote = repository "remote"
let repository = repository "repository"
(* SWITCH *)
let switch_doc = "Manage multiple installation of compilers."
let switch =
let doc = switch_doc in
let commands = [
["add";"install"], `install , "Install the given compiler. The commands fails if the package is \
already installed (e.g. it will not transparently switch to the \
installed compiler switch, as $(b,opam switch <name>) does).";
["rm";"remove"] , `remove , "Remove the given compiler.";
["export"] , `export , "Export the list installed package to a file.";
["import"] , `import , "Install the packages from a file.";
["reinstall"] , `reinstall, "Reinstall the given compiler switch. This will also try reinstall the
installed packages.";
["list"] , `list , "List the available compilers. \
The first column displays the switch name (if any), the second one \
the switch state (C = current, I = installed, -- = not installed), \
the third one the compiler name and the last one the compiler \
description. To switch to an already installed compiler alias (with \
state = I), use $(b,opam switch <name>). If you want to use a new \
compiler <comp>, use $(b,opam switch <comp>): this will download, \
compile and create a fresh and independant environment where new packages can be installed.
If you want to create a new compiler alias (for instance because you already have \
this compiler version installed), use $(b,opam switch <name> --alias-of <comp>). In case \
<name> and <comp> are the same, this is equivalent to $(b,opam switch <comp>).";
["show";"current"], `current , "Show the current compiler.";
] in
let man = [
`P "This command allows to switch between different compiler versions,
installing the compiler if $(b,opam switch) is used to switch to that
compiler for the first time. The different compiler versions are
totally independant from each other, meaning that OPAM maintains a
separate state (e.g. list of installed packages...) for each.";
`P "See the documentation of $(b,opam switch list) to see the compilers which
are available, and how to switch or to install a new one."
] @ mk_subdoc commands in
let command, params = mk_subcommands_with_default commands
"If a compiler switch is given instead of an usual command, this command will switch to \
the given compiler. You will then need to run $(b,eval `opam config env`) to update your \
environment variables." in
let alias_of =
mk_opt ["a";"alias-of"]
"COMP" "The name of the compiler description which will be aliased."
Arg.(some string) None in
let switch global_options command alias_of params =
set_global_options global_options;
let no_alias_of () =
if alias_of <> None then
OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "invalid -alias-of option" in
let mk_comp alias = match alias_of with
| None -> OpamCompiler.of_string alias
| Some comp -> OpamCompiler.of_string comp in
match command, params with
| None , []
| Some `list, [] ->
no_alias_of ();
OpamClient.switch_list ()
| Some `install, [switch] ->
OpamClient.switch_install global_options.quiet (OpamSwitch.of_string switch) (mk_comp switch)
| Some `export, [f] ->
no_alias_of ();
OpamClient.switch_export (OpamFilename.of_string f)
| Some `import, [f] ->
no_alias_of ();
OpamClient.switch_import (OpamFilename.of_string f)
| Some `remove, switches ->
no_alias_of ();
List.iter (fun switch -> OpamClient.switch_remove (OpamSwitch.of_string switch)) switches
| Some `reinstall, [switch] ->
no_alias_of ();
OpamClient.switch_reinstall (OpamSwitch.of_string switch)
| Some `current, [] ->
no_alias_of ();
OpamClient.switch_current ()
| Some `default switch, [] ->
(match alias_of with
| None -> OpamClient.switch global_options.quiet (OpamSwitch.of_string switch)
| _ ->
OpamClient.switch_install global_options.quiet
(OpamSwitch.of_string switch) (mk_comp switch))
| _, l -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "too many arguments (%d)" (List.length l) in
Term.(pure switch $global_options $command $alias_of $params),
term_info "switch" ~doc ~man
(* PIN *)
let pin_doc = "Pin a given package to a specific version."
let pin =
let doc = pin_doc in
let man = [
`P "This command will 'pin' a package to a specific version, or use a
specific source path for installing and upgrading the package. Using
$(b,opam pin <package> none) will undo the 'pinned' status of
`P "To list all the currently pinned packages, call the $(b,opam pin)
without arguments or use $(b,--list)."
] in
let package =
let doc = ~docv:"PACKAGE" ~doc:"Package name." [] in
Arg.(value & pos 0 (some string) None & doc) in
let pin_option =
let doc = ~docv:"PIN" ~doc:
"Specific version, local path, git or darcs url to pin the package to,
or 'none' to unpin the package." [] in
Arg.(value & pos 1 (some string) None & doc) in
let list = mk_flag ["l";"list"] "List the currently pinned packages." in
let kind =
let doc = ~docv:"KIND" ~doc:"Force the kind of pinning." ["k";"kind"] in
let kinds = [
"git" , `git;
"darcs" , `darcs;
"version", `version;
"local" , `local;
"rsync" , `local;
] in
Arg.(value & opt (some & enum kinds) None & doc) in
let pin global_options kind list package pin =
set_global_options global_options;
if list then
OpamClient.pin_list ()
else match package, pin with
| None , None -> OpamClient.pin_list ()
| Some n, Some p ->
let pin = {
pin_package = OpamPackage.Name.of_string n;
pin_option = pin_option_of_string ?kind:kind p
} in pin
| _ -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "Wrong arguments" in
Term.(pure pin $global_options $kind $list $package $pin_option),
term_info "pin" ~doc ~man
(* HELP *)
let help =
let doc = "Display help about OPAM and OPAM commands." in
let man = [
`P "Prints help about OPAM commands.";
`P "Use `$(mname) help topics' to get the full list of help topics.";
] in
let topic =
let doc = [] ~docv:"TOPIC" ~doc:"The topic to get help on." in
Arg.(value & pos 0 (some string) None & doc )
let help man_format cmds topic = match topic with
| None -> `Help (`Pager, Some "help")
| Some topic ->
let topics = "topics" :: cmds in
let conv, _ = Cmdliner.Arg.enum (List.rev_map (fun s -> (s, s)) topics) in
match conv topic with
| `Error e -> `Error (false, e)
| `Ok t when t = "topics" -> List.iter print_endline cmds; `Ok ()
| `Ok t -> `Help (man_format, Some t) in
Term.(ret (pure help $Term.man_format $Term.choice_names $topic)), "help" ~doc ~man
let default =
let doc = "a Package Manager for OCaml" in
let man = [
`P "OPAM is a package manager for OCaml. It uses the powerful mancoosi
tools to handle dependencies, including support for version
constraints, optional dependencies, and conflicts management.";
`P "It has support for different repository backends such as HTTP, rsync, git
and darcs. It handles multiple OCaml versions concurrently, and is
flexible enough to allow you to use your own repositories and packages
in addition of the ones it provides.";
`P "Use either `$(mname) $(i,COMMAND) --help` or `$(mname) help $(i,COMMAND)'
for more information on a specific command.";
] @ help_sections
let usage _ =
OpamGlobals.msg "\
usage: opam [--version]
<command> [<args>]
The most commonly used opam commands are:
init %s
list %s
info %s
install %s
remove %s
update %s
upgrade %s
config %s
repository %s
switch %s
pin %s
See 'opam help <command>' for more information on a specific command.
init_doc list_doc info_doc install_doc remove_doc update_doc
upgrade_doc config_doc repository_doc switch_doc pin_doc in
Term.(pure usage $global_options), "opam"
~version:(OpamVersion.to_string OpamVersion.current)
let commands = [
list; search; info;
install; remove; reinstall;
update; upgrade;
remote; repository;
let () =
Sys.catch_break true;
Printexc.register_printer (function
| Unix.Unix_error (e,fn, msg) ->
let msg = if msg = "" then "" else " on " ^ msg in
let error = Printf.sprintf "%s: %S failed%s: %s" Sys.argv.(0) fn msg (Unix.error_message e) in
Some error
| _ -> None);
match Term.eval_choice ~catch:false default commands with
| `Error _ -> exit 1
| _ -> exit 0
| OpamGlobals.Exit 0 -> ()
| e ->
OpamGlobals.error " '%s' failed.\n" (String.concat " " (Array.to_list Sys.argv));
match e with
| OpamGlobals.Exit i -> exit i
| e ->
let bt = Printexc.get_backtrace () in
let bt = if bt = "" then "" else Printf.sprintf " at\n %s\n" bt in
Printf.fprintf stderr "Fatal error: exception %s\n%s%!"
(Printexc.to_string e) bt;
exit 2
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