command runner for issuing shell commands from django views
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This is usable when you need issue commands to a shell from django view.
You can use variety of mechanisms. Everyone has its pros and cons.
If you use os.system(command) you have to run all the stuff under root privileges.
Along this you are not able to command a remote machine.
On the other way if you issue a command over ssh channel, you need a plain-text password.
Storing this password can be a security issue. Maybe there is even better mechanism.
Comments are welcomed.


1. Clone the read-only repo

     git clone git://

2. Install the dependencies via PIP.

     pip install -r requirements.txt
3. Optionaly add following configs into django settings

	RUN_COMMAND_FACILITY = command issuing mechanism (default paramiko)
	COMMAND_TARGET_SERVER = address of server where commands are to be executed (default localhost)
	COMMAND_TARGET_USER = user for target machine connection (default root)
	NOTE: you might need another libraries: paramiko, lockfile if you use paramiko based mechanism.
4. You are done