A CLI tool to interact with the Vend API.
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A CLI tool to interact with the Vend API.


  • Delete Customers
  • Delete Products
  • Export Audit Log
  • Export Sales Ledger
  • Export Customers
  • Export Gift Cards
  • Export Store Credits
  • Export Suppliers
  • Export Audit Log
  • Export Images
  • Import Images
  • Import Store Credits
  • Import Suppliers
  • Void Gift Cards
  • Void Sales

Usage Examples

When running a command you need to pass the flags that specify the parameters for that tool. There are two sets of flags, global flags and command flags. Global flags such as domain prefix and token are required on all commands and command flags are passed depending on the tool.

Delete Customers

$ vendcli delete-customers -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Delete Products

$ vendcli delete-products -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Export Audit Log

$ vendcli audit-log -d domainprefix -t token -F 2018-03-15T16:30:30 -T 2018-04-01T18:30:00

Export Sales Ledger

$ vendcli export-sales -d domainprefix -t token -z timezone -F 2018-03-01 -T 2018-04-01 -o outletname

Export Customers

$ vendcli export-customers -d domainprefix -t token

Export Gift Cards

$ vendcli export-giftcards -d domainprefix -t token

Export Store Credits

$ vendcli export-storecredits -d domainprefix -t token

Export Suppliers

$ vendcli export-suppliers -d domainprefix -t token	

Export Audit Log

$ vendcli audit-log -d domainprefix -t token -F 2018-03-01T16:30:30 -T 2018-04-01T18:30:00	

Export Images

$ vendcli export-images -d domainprefix -t token

Import Images

$ vendcli import-images -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Import Store Credits

$ vendcli import-storecredits -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Import Suppliers

$ vendcli import-suppliers -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Void Gift Cards

$ vendcli void-giftcards -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Void Sales

$ vendcli void-sales -d domainprefix -t token -f filename.csv

Need Help?

If you are unsure which flags are needed for the command just type the command followed by --help, which will show you a breakdown of the required flags and a download link if a template file is needed.

$ vendcli command-name --help

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