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TickIt (Ticket It)

TickIt is an easy to use ticketing system for small non-profit computer repair shops, originally developed for the Cleveland
State Community College Computer Repair Shop.


  1. Perl >= 5.8.9 *Note may work with older versions, but this is just what has been tested
  2. Perl::DBD::Pg
  3. Perl::GD
  4. Perl::GD::Barcode
  5. Perl::version >= 0.77
  6. Perl::Carp
  7. Perl::File::Copy
  8. Perl::DBI
  9. Perl::English
  10. Perl::Config::General
  11. PostgreSQL


For detailed instructions on installing TickIt read the documentation.
Short story try running

Installing HTML Docs

On a system running some kind of a web server, like apache, move all the HTML files into the “htdoc” directory (or similar
directory for your web server). Important not make sure that the files are readable by all users, by default they should be.

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