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SparseMAP for dynet

SparseMAP cartoon

This is an implementation of Latent Dependency TreeLSTMs for classification, NLI and reverse dictionary. For conceptual details, see our paper

Towards Dynamic Computation Graphs via Sparse Latent Structure. Vlad Niculae, André F.T. Martins, Claire Cardie. In: Proc. of EMNLP, 2018.

Coming soon to this folder: dynet modules for the SparseMAP loss and SparseMAP structured attention.

Build & Run

Requirements: AD3 v2.2, dynet (tested with v2.0.2), Eigen (as required by dynet).

Optional: MKL, CUDA (via dynet).

Environment setup: point AD3_DIR, DYNET_DIR and EIGEN_DIR to the corresponding source folders. By default, set to ~/code/{ad3|dynet|eigen}.

Compiling dynet: Make sure to compile dynet such that libdynet.so is in DYNET_DIR/build/dynet (for CPU support), or DYNET_DIR/build-cuda/dynet if using CUDA. For instructions on building dynet, see their documentation.

After compilation, make sure the correct libdynet.so is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Compiling AD3: should be as easy as $ cd AD3_DIR; make.

Compiling SparseMAP code and classifiers.

The provided programs are

  • test-sparsemst: test program which runs gradient checks and demonstrates the usage of the sparse latent MST parser module.
  • sentclf-{cpu|gpu}: Sentence classifier, e.g. for the SST dataset.
  • nliclf-{cpu|gpu}: Natural Language Inference classifier (sentence pairs)
  • revdict-{cpu|gpu}: Reverse Dictionary (given a definition, output embedding of defined word.)

Example: to compile and run the test file, you may use

cd dyncg
make test-sparsemst

To compile and run the CPU version of the NLI classifier on the subjectivity data, type

cd dyncg
make sentclf-cpu
./sentclf-cpu --dynet-seed 42 --dynet-autobatch 1 --dataset subj --strategy latent


Preprocessed data can be downloaded here. This archive contains a data folder that should be placed in the dyncg folder. Scripts used to recreate the sentence classification data are provided in dyncg/data/sentclf (in this repository).