Scrape and generate analytics for Hacker News Who is Hiring threads.
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Analysis of Hacker News Who is Hiring

This is the very initial version of the code. The goal of the project was to generate analytics and visualize them on the charts, so there are no tests at the moment. Feel free to fork or send a PR if logic for any of the analytics doesn't look good.


The main.go does the following,

  • Scrape all comments from Hacker News "Who is Hiring" threads. I have hard coded a map which contains the month to monthly thread id(item id).
  • Generates counts for Remote work, Titles, Visa, Lunch Perks
  • Generates skill counts.

The uses GeoCities (you need to install it before you run the code) module to generate locations from the text, aggregates the counts and stores the value in a json file.


The charts are all created from the data from the above code. Below are some code pen links which has the code for the charts, - Map Chart with Bubble Data Points, made using amCharts. - Bar chart made using Highchart