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PHP CodeSniffer for CakePHP

Note: The latest release ( can be downloaded from the Download section.

A refined version of PHP CodeSniffer that can be used for CakePHP development.

Added more sniffs based on CakePHP Conventions and built over the original

The newly added sniffs are ’Files and Classname Conventions" as prescribed in the CakePHP cook book.

Excerpt from CakePHP Cook Book:

In general, filenames are underscored while classnames are CamelCased. So if you have a class MyNiftyClass, then in Cake, the file should be named my_nifty_class.php. Below are examples of how to name the file for each of the different types of classes you would typically use in a CakePHP application:

  • The Controller class KissesAndHugsController would be found in a file named kisses_and_hugs_controller.php (notice _controller in the filename)
  • The Component class MyHandyComponent would be found in a file named my_handy.php
  • The Model class OptionValue would be found in a file named option_value.php
  • The Behavior class EspeciallyFunkableBehavior would be found in a file named especially_funkable.php
  • The View class SuperSimpleView would be found in a file named super_simple.php
  • The Helper class BestEverHelper would be found in a file named best_ever.php