Core Objective-C client library for the Venmo API
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VENCore is the core Objective-C client library for the Venmo API. If you're looking for a simple way to send Venmo payments & charges from your iOS app, you should use the Venmo iOS SDK.



// Create a VENCore instance
VENCore *core = [[VENCore alloc] init];

// Give it an access token
[core setAccessToken:accessToken];

// Set the default core
[VENCore setDefaultCore:core];

Sending a transaction

// Create a request
VENCreateTransactionRequest *transactionService = [[VENCreateTransactionRequest alloc] init];

// Add a note
transactionService.note = @"hi";

// Add a target
VENTransactionTarget *target = [[VENTransactionTarget alloc] initWithHandle:@"" amount:30];
[transactionService addTransactionTarget:target];

// Send the request
[transactionService sendWithSuccess:^(NSArray *sentTransactions, VENHTTPResponse *response) {
    // :)
} failure:^(NSArray *sentTransactions, VENHTTPResponse *response, NSError *error) {
    // :(