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Pay people checked into your location
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Drinks On Me

by Venmo

What is it

Drinks On Me is a mobile app that allows Foursquare users to pay their Foursquare friends or other people checked in to your location. Payments are managed through the Venmo Your Friends iOS Library. The code to Drinks On Me is open-sourced and serves as an example of how to combine Foursquare and Venmo on a mobile app.

How to use DrinksOnMe

First, download the DrinksOnMe project. Open the project in Xcode and you'll see that it doesn't compile. You need to change the file named AppConstants.h.sample. Rename it to AppConstants.h and include your Foursquare app credentials and your Venmo app credentials.

To get your Venmo app credentials, check out . To get your app registered with Foursquare, visit for more details.

Input the credentials in AppConstants.h. Build DrinksOnMe and run it.

As a reference, you can check out to see how to download and use the Venmo SDK.

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