Toggling and ramping features via a lightweight Redis backend.
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Feature Ramp

Build Status

Supports feature toggling and ramping features via a lightweight Redis backend.


$ sudo pip install feature_ramp  # currently NOT supported until PyPI approves this package

Feature ramp requires requires a running Redis server. If your application is written in Python, we recommend using redis-py for a convenient way to interface with Redis. To install Redis, follow the Redis Quick Start.

Once you have redis-py and a Redis server running, you're ready to start using Feature Ramp.

NOTE: Feature Ramp assumes your Redis server is running at localhost on port 6379 (this is the default redis-py configuration). To customize this, make the necessary edits here.

Getting Started

>>> from feature_ramp.Feature import Feature
>>> feature_a = Feature('feature_a')
>>> feature_a.activate()
>>> feature_a.is_active
>>> feature_a.deactivate()
>>> feature_a.is_active


Amanda Schloss or Anthony Yim