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Contain all ports used by scratchpkg
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Contain all ports used by scratchpkg

All ports are separated into several repositories. This repositories will get sync by scratchpkg using a tool called httpup. These are repository exist (for now):

  • core: Ports in this repository is follows BLFS SVN books.
  • extra: All ports outside of BLFS SVN book is in here.
  • git: Ports for package from git.
  • xorg: All ports for Xorg.
  • wip: Contain ports for testing package.
  • kf5: All ports for kde plasma 5 desktop.
  • lxde: All ports for lxde desktop.
  • xfce4: All ports for xfce4 desktop.


rep-gen is a script to generate 'REPO' file in the repository. rep-gen need to run after any of ports changed.

how to use:

./rep-gen <repo name>


./rep-gen core xorg
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