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Firefeed is a web app that lets users post small messages called sparks to their stream. You can follow other users, and their sparks will appear on your stream.

Live Demo

The unique property of this application is that it is built entirely using client side logic - no server neccessary - other than to serve the static HTML/CSS/JS files, of course.

This is made possible by Firebase. A detailed explanation of how the app was built is available here.


The core application logic is in www/js/firefeed.js. It is hooked up to the UI in www/index.html via www/js/firefeed-ui.js.

If you'd like to embed a stream like Firefeed into your app, we recommend import firefeed.js and hooking it up to your own UI.


No part of this project may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed except according to terms in the accompanying LICENSE file (MIT licensed).