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Visionegg #15

wants to merge 22 commits into


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2 participants

tek commented Sep 9, 2011

sorry, viel redundanz, ich hoffe das wird rausgefiltert ;)


venthur commented Sep 27, 2011

Kannst du den pull request nochmal neu machen? Ich hab gerade noch nen
paar Änderungen hochgeschoben.

On 09.09.2011 13:45, tek wrote:

sorry, viel redundanz, ich hoffe das wird rausgefiltert ;)

You can merge this Pull Request by running:

git pull https://github.com/tek/pyff visionegg

Or you can view, comment on it, or merge it online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  • vision_egg: fix regression
  • Changes in Feedbacks/Oddball/
  • Changes in VisualOddballVE.py and VisualOddballVE_CNV.py
  • Added parallel port driver for Windows 64Bit systems.
  • Some more changes by Simon.
  • Updaed changelog.
  • Fixed changelog date updated documentation.
  • Shutdown logger properly before exit to flush all buffers.
  • Replaced all print-stacktraces with logging.exception
  • Removed unneeded extra whitespace.
  • Split init and starting of FC to get more user friendly error messages and to
  • Moved example for EventDrivenFeedback into the base class as part of the docs.
  • Removed old Feedbacks test cases.
  • removed automatic subclass finding.
  • Rebuild GUI against Qt 4.8.3.
  • Added CMD_QUIT_FEEDBACK_CONTROLLER as valid command.
  • Closing the GUI also closes the Feedback Controller.
  • additional feedback path can be used several times now to add more than one
  • Updated Copyright dates.
  • Replaced prints in Feedback base class with logger messages.
  • Replaced prints in Feedback base class w/ logger messages (changelog).
  • Removed Feedback plugins.

-- File Changes --

M doc/conf.py (6)
M src/FeedbackBase/EventDrivenFeedback.py (45)
M src/FeedbackBase/Feedback.py (171)
M src/FeedbackBase/test/test_feedback.py (18)
M src/FeedbackController.py (56)
M src/Feedbacks/Oddball/CheckerboardVEP.py (40)
M src/Feedbacks/Oddball/Oddball.py (30)
A src/Feedbacks/Oddball/Visual/VisualOddballVE.py (405)
A src/Feedbacks/Oddball/Visual/VisualOddballVE_CNV.py (199)
D src/Feedbacks/TestEventDrivenFeedback.py (42)
D src/Feedbacks/test/init.py (0)
D src/Feedbacks/test/test_Feedbacks.py (33)
M src/GUI.py (11)
D src/brainvisionrecorderplugin.py (114)
M src/emulator.py (2)
M src/gui/gui.py (89)
M src/gui/icons.rcc (4)
M src/gui/icons_rc.py (4)
M src/lib/PluginController.py (65)
M src/lib/bcinetwork.py (5)
M src/lib/bcixml.py (1)
M src/lib/feedbackcontroller.py (54)
M src/lib/feedbackprocesscontroller.py (40)
M src/lib/ipc.py (6)
M src/lib/vision_egg/util/stimulus.py (1)
M src/test_all.py (2)
M tools/README (16)
A tools/x64/DLPortIO.txt (12)
A tools/x64/ReadMe.txt (24)
A tools/x64/Win32/InstallDriver.exe (0)
A tools/x64/Win32/inpout32.dll (0)
A tools/x64/Win32/inpout32.h (32)
A tools/x64/Win32/inpout32.lib (0)
A tools/x64/Win32/vssver2.scc (0)
A tools/x64/x64/inpout32.h (32)
A tools/x64/x64/inpoutx64.dll (0)
A tools/x64/x64/inpoutx64.lib (0)
A tools/x64/x64/vssver2.scc (0)

-- Patch Links --



venthur commented Sep 27, 2011

Merged and pushed.

@venthur venthur closed this Sep 27, 2011

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