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Python library for the AR.Drone
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Video of the drone in action

A video of the library controlling a drone in action (click to jump to the video).

Getting Started:

>>> import libardrone
>>> drone = libardrone.ARDrone()
>>> # You might need to call drone.reset() before taking off if the drone is in
>>> # emergency mode
>>> drone.takeoff()
>>> drone.halt()

The drone's property image contains always the latest image from the camera. The drone's property navdata contains always the latest navdata.


There is also a demo application included which shows the video from the drone and lets you remote-control the drone with the keyboard:

RETURN      - takeoff
SPACE       - land
BACKSPACE   - reset (from emergency)
a/d         - left/right
w/s         - forward/back
1,2,...,0   - speed
UP/DOWN     - altitude
LEFT/RIGHT  - turn left/right

Here is a video of the library in action:


The public repository is located here:



This software was tested with the following setup:

  • Python 2.6.6
  • Psyco 1.6 (recommended)
  • Pygame 1.8.1 (only for the demo)
  • Unmodified AR.Drone firmware 1.5.1


This software is published under the terms of the MIT License:

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