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Welcome to HT-tools,

HT-Tools ( is an official Hattrick ( CHPP application.

What is HT-Tools? Through my Hattrick years, I have created several excel tools for myself and I decided to make them all available online. Some of them are based on other, older researches that I tried to improved and others are created from scratch.

What now? My intention is to add tools as much as I can. And as you (users) ask for it. The first month, HT-Tools had more than 1000 users/per day and about 100k page views in the whole month. If you want a new tool or an improvement of one I already have, just ask it.

Bug? What a bug? I have done many changes recently to integrate the CHPP functionality. If you find any bug (hopefully not but I cannot promise), just let me know about it.

How accurate are the tools? Well, we don't have access to Hattrick code. There isn't anyone out there that CAN create an accurate tool. All of them are an estimation. If you think that there is a tool that we can improve it, we can work on it.

HT-Tools is open sourced under GPL v3 license. For more information, read the LICENSE file.