Make read-only local backups of your Github repositories
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bugh: Backup Github

bugh creates read-only local backups of all repositories in your Github account, to protect you from hacking, catastrophic data loss, and your own destructive power. To install, run:

sudo pip install bugh

After installing, run bugh [your Github username] from the directory in which you would like to mirror your repositories. The first invocation clones every repository in your Github account. Repeated invocations will run git pull in already-cloned repositories, and will clone repositories that don't exist locally.

Currently, bugh only mirrors the master branch of each repository; future versions will allow mirroring all branches in a repository. It also does not support mirroring private repositories.

bugh is made by Will Haldean Brown and is distributed under the GPLv3.

Release Notes

Release versions here map to release versions on PyPI.

  Initial release.

  Increase limit on mirrorable repositories to 100.
  Continue after failure if a repository fails during pull.